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  2. I would hire local locksmith near me as they will do the best work with your locks and in order to build their reputation, they will never overcharge you at any cost.
  3. When you see yourself as perfect and no longer with great goalsrun 3it means your life is losing a lot of meaning.
  4. Hello, I am looking to buy a family type SUVs that is rugged, reliable and is capable of driving on snowy highways and harsh winters. My choices are (all fall within the same price brackets): 1. Jeep Grand Cherokee 2. Hyundai Palisade. 3. Ford Explorer. 4. Toyotas - 4Runner or Highlander. 5. Chevy Traverse. 6. Kia Telluride. 7. GMC Acadia. Please suggest which one to get.
  5. this car is nice. The maintenance/repair costs are cheaper than other luxury cars too
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  8. https://youtu.be/YRdBfW-oF7c Found a Twin wing Lamborghini Aventador SV during a livestream in London.
  9. I'm wirting a paper about garage door opener and still need some market data. Hope you can click on this link to help me. https://forms.gle/ozhGqkut7QcsX1vt8 It only take a liitle time! PLEASE! THANK YOU!
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  12. can someone help? my car struggles to start after sitting overnight (live in a hot climate) and once it starts the idle is rough seems like its the spark plugs but i don't want to waste my money, i also don't have the tools to check if the plugs are corroded or broken. What are some other symptoms of defective spark plugs or what is wrong with my car?
  13. I once wrote the same topic on a BMW, and now will use Ferrari as example, since there are plenty of difference between BMW and luxury car. Again, I need to emphasize fist that service indicator will not automatically goes OFF even the maintenance is done, it’s like a calculator, a remind of mileage and driving time, and have to turn it off manually using diagnostic tool. The tool here is topdon artimini. Preparation: 1. The car must be at horizontal ground, because the sensors are very sensitive to any leaning. 2. Shift to Park 3. Wait for 10 minutes after starting engine, in order to let the vehicle operation indicators reach a stable state. Each sensor used after this time will give the correct output. Steps: 1. Turn ignition ON 2. Choose the correct car model 3. Choose the correct system---Instrument Cluster--Service function--Reset 4. Check if the date and time are correct on instrument, If yes, tap OK Done! Is this really simple, it just so simple like clear a calculator result, to so that we need a calculator first, and that’s why we need a diagnostic tool.
  14. It’s very common now we use some entry-level diagnostic tool to check the engine issue without going to the dealer’s. But sometimes even you Google the meaning of those codes, we are still lost. In fact, I heard that pros learn from experience as well. Here below, I use trouble code P2277 B2S3 as example, to show that how to verify which O2 sensor goes wrong. First we need to know some definition of particular words. 1. Circuit/open circuit: Most of the time, it is used when the detection of a fixed value or a specific circuit high or low is not feasible. It can also be used with circuit low and high fault codes at the same time, provided that all three circuit conditions can be detected. 2. Range/performance: Refers to the circuit within the normal operating range, but is unreasonable or incorrect for the current operating conditions. It can be used to indicate stuck or distorted values, poor performance of circuits, components or systems. 3. Low circuit: It means that the circuit voltage, frequency, or other characteristics measured at the input of the control module are below the normal operating range. 4. High circuit: means that the circuit voltage, frequency, or other characteristics measured at the input of the control module are higher than the normal operating range. 5. Bank: Refers to a combination of cylinders that share a common control sensor, the first bank always contains cylinder 1, and the second bank refers to the opposite bank; “bank” will be replaced by B in some vehicle fault code explanations. B1 refers to bank 1; B2 refers to bank 2. 6. The position of the sensor: Refers to the air flow relative to the engine: from the intake system to the exhaust system; or relative to the engine fuel flow: from the fuel tank to the engine, in the order of 1, 2, 3, etc. The fault code will use "S" or "column" to indicate the location, such as S1 refers to the first column, that is, the first one. 7. Left/Right and Front/Rear: From the driver’s angle. 8. A, B:Refers to components, customized by the manufacturer. 9. Intermittent/Unstable: It means that the signal is temporarily discontinuous, but the fault duration is not long enough to be considered as an open circuit or short circuit, or the rate of change is too high. So we could now know that P2277, B2S3 means that the second exhaust pipe the third O2 sensor has issue.
  15. This is for a 2011 Volvo XC90 About a week ago I started having problem with my blower motor. The first time I noticed something wrong I started the car but the motor wouldn't blow. I drove for about 30-45 minutes and it started working. This was in the late afternoon so the hottest part of the day. Then a day or two later it just stopped. I replaced the motor itself last year about this time but I was too cheap to replace the resistor. So I hoped it was the obvious thing and went ahead and replaced the resistor and everything worked fine. I drove it for about 4 or 5 hours overnight but then it stopped running again. The next night (I'm in Texas and it's too hot to work on during the day) I checked the cabin air filter and it was filthy so I pulled that out, vacuumed a bunch of junk out of the duct but the fan still didn't run. Assuming maybe some junk had gotten to the fan I pulled I out again. I didn't see any junk but the fan did run just fine while it was out. I put it back in and it ran fine. Drove it again overnight (I drive Uber) and it ran fine until the morning. I stopped at the store and when I got back in and started the car the fan wouldn't start. (I had stopped and started the car a few other times throughout the night) So the next night I checked it and it still wouldn't start so I pulled it out to check for junk and debris, nothing but as usual it would start when it was not installed. I put it back in, it still worked but only when I manually selected the fan speed, if I hit auto it would not work. So I used the manual speed and drove all night. About for or five hours into it noticed the fan was blowing a lot slower even though the dial was on high. I moved the dial back and forth and the fan went back to high. About an hour later it did the same thing but when I moved the dial the fan died. I did a little more troubleshooting because I'm getting pretty sick of taking the fan out so I got out a multimeter and verified that the fan was getting voltage and the resistor was passing full voltage when the fan was set to high and lower voltage when it was set to lower speed so it seems the resistor is working ok. The control panel seems to be working ok. All the lights and controls seem to be working as expected. When I change the air source or air route I hear and see the right things moving and everything seems consistent except the blower motor. I noticed that the large black and red wires still had full voltage even when the key was off, I assume that has something to do with the condensation protection it has. So I thought maybe disconnecting and reconnecting the power while removing and replacing was doing something. I unplugged it and left it for several hours, but no luck. I also tried the old resistor and it seems to have the same functionality as the new one. When I went to pull it out again I loosed the screws just enough to reach in and touch the fan cage and I was able to verify that it moved freely. I turned the key on and set the fan control but the fan didn't do anything. So I finished pulling it all the way out, without unplugging it this time, and it ran just fine. So it seems like something is resetting it when I pull it out because it runs just fine but then dies after four or five hours. I have the fan out and sitting on the floorboard but running to see if it will eventually die and then I can check voltages and temperatures. Any other ideas?
  16. I have a 2001 Honda Civic. I hit a pothole and 3 plastic pieces fell in my floorboard. I figured out that one went to my clutch (preventing me from starting my car), one came from my brakes (kept my brake lights on constantly), but I can't figure out what the 3rd piece goes to. Does anyone have any idea? I don't see anything else wrong with the car so it does not seem too important at the moment. Thanks!
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  18. I remember the overwhelming feeling when I bought my first car. I was young, didn't understand finances (at all) and almost got stuck with a terrible and older than advertised car. Thank God for a friend who pretty much saved me from it and gave me the same advice. In my area (Concord, California) there are so many used car dealerships and some advertise deals, which almost seem too good to be true. Looking around and finding the right fit is important because you don't know when you'll be in a position to buy another car. I got mine from Calidad Motors in Concord after going through a lot of used car dealerships and it has been working great for me for the past few months. So the same advice applies here: get your finances in order, find professionals and look around before you make your final decision. Also, check for dealership reviews if you go that route!
  19. I modified my Tesla Model 3 by myself and share the installation process in the following content, including some details need to pay attention, how to choose the product, knowledge about wheel spacers. The brief video record the process of installation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5KKsBOM9y8 Welcome your friendly comments. In the material, I found two materials are common and many people choose one of them. 7075-T6 and 6061-T6, forged aluminum alloy, I chose 7075-T6 because the quality will better than 6061-T6, also the wheel studs and nuts I choose are the same brand, because the brand carve the logo on the product. The wheel studs are 12.9 grade SCM440 material and the wheel nuts are 40Cr material, I chose bonoss company’s forged active cooling wheel spacers. For the front wheel, I chose 18mm. Meanwhile, for the rear wheel I chose 25mm. It’s up to yourself, different sizes are ok. Lift up the car with jack, remove the wheel bolts and uses rust remover and abrasive paper to clean up the wheel hub to make sure the wheel spacers fit perfectly. Install the wheel nuts and wheels back. Remember to install and remove the wheel nuts diagonally because it force uniform. As a example of Tesla Model 3, the recommended torque is 140Nm. The contrast pictures: After installation, something will change so I will go to check my car regularly. Thanks for reading this passage.
  20. 2013 / 2019 BN BM MAZDA 3 2.0 PETROL ENGINE / MOTOR We do All Makes and Models ! Date Listed:27/03/2020 Last Edited:30/04/2020 Make:Mazda Warranty:available Condition:new Visit at Car Part the best Car Part Locator.
  21. after shooting a video on my friends stunning G70 im pretty torn haha, the interior blew my mind as well as all the luxury features, while the M4 does make more horsepower. There is room for discussion when it comes to the price points. Keep in mind the one in this video makes 365 HP as well as being twin - turbocharged (3.3T)
  22. Kinda looks like an old Volvo PV444 based on the back window, but it may be too squat to match that.
  23. That's a tricky 5 speed to learn on. My advice would be to find someone who knows how to drive a 5 speed, preferably with experience with a foxbody, and put in some work in an empty parking lot.
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