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  2. Nate4x4


    If you want some real goodness, check out Carli Suspensions and Good-Year Tires. 🔴
  3. Hi Viewer,

    There are some awesome vehicles out there; from SUV's to Crossovers, Power Wagons to Sporty Coupes.

    Experience what you can while you can...and share what you did and how you did it. The result is INSIGHT for all 🌏.




    Nate4x4 (The Vehicle Reader)

    -2018 POST-

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  5. It might be possible, but the expenses will probably be an arm and a whole toe.
  6. Something like that but will it work with my car?
  7. What do you think? Half Gtr Half Altima? A little different might it look. You could try.
  8. Hey there. So i'm looking to get a nissan gtr bumper for my 2017 altima but they all say that they won't fit or are not compatible. Will something happen if I get a 2012 bumper or older bumper and put it on a 2017 model?
  9. Nate4x4

    Ford Fiesta 2003

    No problem...I'm happy to help.
  10. dan1990

    Ford Fiesta 2003

    Dear Nate, Thank you so much for your help. Although there are some differences between my car and one in the manual, I somehow understood the electrical section and fuses of the car. thanks for your help dude.
  11. Nate4x4

    Ford Fiesta 2003

    HI Dan, Check out this link. https://justgivemethedamnmanual.com/ford/2003-ford-focus-owners-manual/ Unfortunately It seems the models made in America and Canada are different than ones made in the UK etc. Hope this was of some help.
  12. dan1990

    Ford Fiesta 2003

    Hello Guys, My name is Dan, I recently bought a Ford Fiesta 2003 in Spain, but I do not have the manual book in English and I couldn't find any on the website. Can anyone help me find a manual book in English for my car? Best Regards, Dan
  13. Hello I am a final year computer science degree student. I want to buy a new car for myself. I am 21 years old now. I have maintained an average GPA throughout. I also work part-time after college. I am looking for a basic model car for my daily transportation. So I am looking for a car loan provider who provides car loan for students. I came across this car loan provider called Hamilton Bad Credit Car Loans and they say they provide car loans for almost everyone. Has anyone tried them? I also want to know how their interest rate is. I want someone who provides loans at a low-interest rate.
  14. Nate4x4

    Car Repair

    Awesome, I own a Toyota Camry....it's lasted me over 20 years. You can't go wrong looking at them...much less buying them. 👀
  15. tsnfan

    Car Repair

    It is at the dealership and will looked at 7 AM. I am looking at two Toyota vehicles right now.
  16. Last week
  17. Nate4x4

    Jeep Patriot 4WD

    Hey folks, I'm interested in the 2008-2009 Jeep Patriot 4WD. Does anyone here happen to own one? Curious to find out what you think of the SUV in general; and whether or not it would be a good choice for an adventurer. Thanks. 🐛
  18. Nate4x4

    Car Repair

    MMMMM...That's unusual, for a 2014? Honda's are getting worse by the day. I would go to the Honda dealership and see if they have anything to say. I hope everything turns out. I wouldn't purchase another Honda Civic though. 🏬
  19. Nate4x4


    Good...I guess a new car is better than an old one.
  20. hensno


    Hello. I'm Henry. I am planning to buy a new car for myself.
  21. tsnfan

    Car Repair

    I have a question about a car issue. I made a turn with my 2014 Honda Civic LX and after the u turn, I heard a noise and the wheels began to spin when I was pressing on the accelerator. The car motor was running, no tires were flat, no lights were on to indicate any failures. The car would not drive in drive or reverse. The car was moving in park after the tow truck delivered it to the repair shop. I just had my vehicle serviced two weeks ago. My car has over 119,000 miles. Do you think this is transmission or another issue. The tow truck driver suggested a transmission issue. I am preparing to purchase a new vehicle just in case. Thank you.
  22. Nate4x4

    Buy new car

    Dodge is better.
  23. Nate4x4

    repair or new car?

    Keep it. https://www.buyautoparts.com/autoparts/Volkswagen/Jetta/Turbocharger.html
  24. Nate4x4

    Help starting

    Look up autos.ca. There is a forum there too.
  25. Hey guys, If you people are planning for buying a used car then inspecting the car correctly is the most important. Well, i have got a wonderful resource using you can check and get car history report instantly. Just need to enter Vehicle Identification Number at http://bit.ly/Vincheck
  26. 3 years ago I took my jeep on a rather long ride to KCI, and the next day, it sputtered over 60mph and as I deacellerated, the engine died. It started right back up and preceded to die on me at the next stop light I hit. Could not drive it home over 30mph and it sputtered the entire way. Replaced the tps. Didn't work. Error code p0107, was eventually forced to move it to a new home, so I replaced the map sensor. It seemed to be doing fine, but it idled pretty rough. Eventually the same stuff happened. Tried 2 different MAP sensors. Nothing. Recently replaced the idle air intake control valve LAST NIGHT and the little shit drove like a dream. No rough idle. I had it running for about 2 hours and drove over 40 miles before I felt the sputtering. Took the nearest exit, and it died at the light. This time it would not start back up. 4th try and gave it some gas and it kicked over. Ran great on the way home. Today, it does not idle rough while in park. Maybe I'm paranoid but it's idling minorly rough at stop lights and signs. Then I sweat thinking about it dying. Roads are very busy where I live and I have to cross a highway everyday. 123000 miles. W.T.F IS GOING ON? I just need a second opinon. My brain is totally racked. Wires? Brain? There's definitely an improvement from replacing the IAC, but some existing problems are still there.
  27. takumi

    Help starting

    Hi! I'm kind of a noob when it comes to cars, but lately, I have begun taking more interest in how things work and such. Can anyone guide me, maybe to a site or an online course, that will help me get started? Thanks a lot!
  28. Nate4x4

    Can you identify this car?

    Chrysler PT Cruiser or Volkswagen Jetta.
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