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  2. Look here https://jiji.ng/car-parts-and-accessories, I found one needed for me.
  3. Get best car racing experience with Gta 5 Apk
  4. Howdy, I have a 1994 Chevy Truck, 2WD, with 4.3 Vortec V6 Motor. I am pulling the V6 out, and putting a V8, 5.7, 350, motor in. I just need to know if I can use the same Harness, and just change the computer, or will I have to re-chip it. All information is appreciated.
  5. Based on what you've described it seems that the perfect vehicle for you is an AWD it is good in terrains and is more balanced and safe in slippery areas. if yes, you might want to look into this list: - Subaru forester - Nissan rogue - Audi Q5 - Ford Escape - Honda CRV - Ford Explorer - Jeep grand cherokee - Jeep wrangler
  6. Hi it seems that you are really into trouble have you fixed this issue already? I tried looking for answers since this is the first time I encountered one this can be a good reference in the future. You might want to inspect the following: - Your starter - Your battery - Wirings If you can fix this at home it will be less expensive but if you want to make sure and do not want a headache, try consulting the nearest mechanic near you.
  7. Aside from the fact that both cars are beautiful and expensive. I will go with Veyron Vitesse since I really love how futuristic it looks. Which is more important to you, the specs or the looks? Since I'm not a racer I will go with looks.
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  9. The day I spotted a 1 of 10 Bugatti Chiron Sport in British racing green in London. Would you have a Veyron Vitesse over a Chiron sport?
  10. I would highly recommend checking out https://proledkits.com, i got 4 kits from them last month and they are amazing. They also offer a discount when buying multiple kits.... their live chat agents are great and really took the time to help me find the right led kit for my vehicles. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their kits so you can't go wrong
  11. I also got some headlights for my F-150 from www.proledkits.com and they are amazing. I got the 6000K bright white and i have been getting so many complements about how bright they are. I highly recommend this website, they have a lifetime warranty on all their led headlight kits.
  12. Bought these lights for my 2016 Chevy Malibu, HUGE difference in visibility! Top shelf product, crazy fast delivery! https://www.ebay.com/itm/272247208087
  13. I have a 2003 Cadillac DeVille, base model. Recently my neighbor (a retired mechanic) installed a new radiator for me. Afterwards, I noticed when driving that my outside temperature gauge on the dash doesn't work. I read there is a sensor but don't know where on my model car. The mechanic isn't familiar with this sensor placement, so I want to get the information to give him so he can go in and fit that sensor into where it should be.
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  15. Prestige Smart City at Sarjapur Road, Ittangur, East Bangalore is being developed by country’s top real-estate company Prestige Group. Prestige Group is a well-known brand known for its quality construction, innovative outlines, customer-centric designs and high work ethics. As a well-known brand Prestige Group has thrived to successfully by providing best possible solutions to befit the needs and demands of the metropolitan populace. Prestige Group is a premier real estate developer which has successfully delivered a plethora of landmark developments across major cities in South India. Prestige group is the most trusted brands of India with vast expertise in creating landmark developments across commercial, retail, hospitality and residential sectors. The group has established more than 200 ventures across all major cities of South India including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore, Mangalore and Goa. The Prestige group has plenty of upcoming projects including Prestige Smart City Sarjapur Road East Bangalore. Prestige Smart City Price Prestige Smart City Sarjapur Road Bangalore Prestige Smart City Bangalore Prestige Smart City Master Plan Prestige Smart City Floor Plan Prestige Smart City Location Prestige Smart City Specifications Prestige Smart City Amenities
  16. Let’s go for another night drive with Kia K900. Kia K900 is the flagship sedan from Kia. And for 2020 Kia K900, Kia have added something called Sporty Collection Option, which adds new grille and 19inch rims. Let’s see how Kia K900 looks under the moon light. https://youtu.be/5nM1Pvfaycs Kia K900 3.8L Gasoline 315hp@6000rpm 293lb.ft@5,000rpm RWD (AWD Option) 8-Speed Automatic
  17. check here for the answer. they are really helpful. http://adyou.co/ce3R or http://shortadd.com/ce3R
  18. by Auto Transport Services in St. Paul Auto Transport Services in St. Paul http://adyou.co/VCly
  19. I want to buy a new midsize car that can tow a small trailer. The trailer and load together weigh just 500 pounds. I use it on flat terrain. The car does not have to be "rated" for towing, but towing must not void the warranty. My old 2006 Corolla tows good, but new ones forbid towing. Any suggestions for a make or model that can do it?
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  21. Canada Goose Sale https://www.canadagoosebigdeals.com/
  22. Moncler Sale https://www.moncleroutletsales.com/
  23. Genesis is planning to launch another SUV - 2nd SUV called Genesis GV70. It will be little brother of Genesis GV80. It would be heavily influenced by Genesis G70 sedan. So, let’s see what is difference between Genesis GV80 and Genesis GV70. Let’s begin. https://youtu.be/zn3QG1W5Z4c
  24. I have a ‘68 Mustang that has not seen an Ohio winter yet. Here’s my question: If the roads are dry, and salt has been used from a previous snow event( but roads are dry) does the DRY salt still collect on your car? If you wash your car, it will absolutely effect the car, but I am asking if anyone knows if dry conditions (no rain, no wet spots on roads) can the salt still damage your car, or I should I just leave it in the garage? Everyone seems to answer as if it were driving through slush and snow, but I’m curious about DRY winter conditions and driving my vintage car.
  25. The new Audi S8 luxury sedan is ready to order and is properly the most high-tech car in the world. Check out the animated video that Audi just put out. I'm not a tech geek but I have never seen anything like that. Enjoy Here it is:
  26. 03 Volkswagen Jetta, car horn and steer wheel controls are not working, checked fuse box and everything was fine
  27. How to Use Ford VCM II scan tool to read and clear Mondeo DTCs? Here is the step-by-step guide with you. Procedures: Open IDS software Select “Start New Session”-> “All other” Establishing communication to PCM Select vehicle specification Confirm the vehicle is fitted with a monochrome navigation system or not Select “No” and click the “tick” Confirm the vehicle info, if it’s correct, click “YES” Read VIN automatically Click the “tick” in the right corner Select “Self Test”->“All CMDTCs” Reading Continuous DTCs Click the mark in the right corner Confirm “You are about to clear DTC (s) and any information associated with these DTC (s). Select Tick to clear or X to cancel.” Click “Tick” to clear Ford VCM II IDS clears DTCs successfully Select “Tick” to exit IDS software Done! http://utahakou.inube.com/
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