Before you purchase your car care products, there are several questions that you will want to ask yourself. These questions relate to the present condition of your vehicle and the selection of products that will produce the best results in meeting your unique needs. Let's start with the questions that apply to all surfaces.

1. Has it been over one year since the last time you cleaned and conditioned the surface?

The reason is probably obvious. If the answer is yes, you can expect that there has been accumulation of a variety of contaminants. This applies to both the exterior and the interior surfaces.

2. Has the surface received any unusually hard use or exposure? Examples might be extensive exposure to: sunlight; airborne catalytic converter acids; industrial fallout; wide ranges in temperature or humidity; surface scratches from car washes; lack of garaging; or lack of use of a car cover. The objective here is to determine the specific cleaning steps and any options that will need to be considered.

3. Has the surface been exposed to foreign material that has the potential to bond, etch or imbed in the surface? This is another aspect of how to determine which product options will produce the best results in cleaning the surface. Specific surface conditions include exposure to: heavy air pollution; paint over spray; extensive brake dust accumulation; road tar and oil; bird droppings; tree sap; water spots; and residue from previous cleaning, polishing or waxing materials. Where the answer is yes to the questions above, you should seriously consider the use of a separate product(s) to perform the cleaning of the surface before proceeding to the conditioning and/or polishing steps.

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