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    Free Vehicle History Reports by VIN or plate number
    3:27 am today

    James Dean

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    Get a FREE Vehicle History Report - Enter VIN or plate number | No payment required!

    Looking for FREE car reports? Wanna save money? Try VinCheck.info!

    A VinCheck.info car report contains the following information:

    - Title Records
    - Junk and Salvage Records
    - Insurance Records
    - Thefts, Floods and Accidents
    - Sales, Market Values, and Ownership Cost.
    - Vehicle Specifications, like Mileage, Engine, Fuel Efficiency, and others.
    - Safety Ratings from NHTSA and IIHS
    - Warranties


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    A question about automatic transmissions
    10:47 pm yesterday


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    Hi there I am trying to find an answer to this question, so I joined this forum.

    So A friend of mine had an automatic toyota corona. One day he started to have issues with his transmission. He had no idea why. I noticed that he would often shift his transmission into second or first gear even when not driving on hills. I think he did this to slow down without having to brake. I think this is a bit silly, and I couldn't stop thinking that that is not what those gear options are really for. I recently bought a Honda Vigor (auto) which has 4 gear options, D4 is just normal D. Driving this car reminded me of this, and the arguments we would have about it.

    So my question is, can changing gears manually when not on hills damage your transmission? if so how, why?


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    Just the Custom Work on this Carbon Themed McLaren Senna Cost $414K?Car Crash
    10:33 pm yesterday


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    bottled gas like smell
    5:21 pm yesterday


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    I have a diesel Hyundai Santa Fe. I m getting a smell of gas in the cabin. The best way I can describe the smell is like the smell of domestic gas / bottled gas, or maybe slightly like sulphur. The smell does not come from the exhaust tail pipe, its seems to occur in the engine compartment and gets into the cabin. I don t smell it when driving fast, presumably because it blows away. The smell occurs when the engine is at operating temperature and I m moving slowly in traffic. It comes in puffs, it s not constant. I have taken the car to 4 garages (2 of which were Hyundai service centres) and no one can suggest what is causing the smell. All pipes and emissions have supposedly been tested and are apparently all fine. 4 garages have said everything looks fine.

    I have searched the internet and established that the smell is possibly coming from a faulty battery. I have now replaced the battery with a new one yet the smell persists. I ve also read that it could be the catalytic converter, but I believe typically the smell of egg would come from the exhaust pipe. This smell isn t coming from the exhaust pipe. The car is not losing power it runs perfectly

    I have had the air conditioning checked and cleaned and filters replaced. This has made no difference. Also, when I put the internal circulation on the smell goes away.

    Hyundai UK suggested that it could be a fault with the diesel particulate filter which may be regenerating on every journey, but they have said this is unlikely. The car typically does long journeys and the smell first started when I drove the car to Spain. Which means it got a good 1000 mile trip each way. I had wondered if it was bad diesel that I may have put in on the way, but this was back in July and the smell hasn t subsided. I have added Diesel Particulate Filter cleaner, which made no difference.

    Because the car is an all wheel drive (AWD) Hyundai also suggested that it could be the smell of a burning differential clutch because I put new tyres on the front 6mm tread without replacing the rear tyres which had 3mm tread. I now have 4 new tyres which hasn t fixed the problem.

    I have also had the brakes checked in case the smell is due to them rubbing, but they are fine.

    Do you have any idea what could be causing smell?



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    2:39 pm yesterday


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    Hello. Have anybody experiens with hpsenterprises?

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