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    Student Research Survey
    11:44 am today


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    Hello everybody, I am a student in high school doing a research project in my engineering classroom. I need to determine what possible problems arise with the use of cup holders. Below is a survey, if you fill it out it would greatly help.


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    Chevy cavalier tuning chip.
    11:43 am today


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    I have a 2003 Chevy cavalier Ls coupe. It's my first car. I put an Ebay exhaust and intake on it. Its clean AF and I love the car to death call me a ricer I dont care. Anyways I am thinking of getting a turning chip for it to at power/shifting times or whatever it does. They're like 60 bucks and in wondering if they're actually worth it and if they really make I difference in power.

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    Car has intense vibration slowing down (not braking) !! PLEASE HELP
    10:30 am today


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    My car has a bas vibration as I am slowing to a stop. I am not even braking. It does it around 15-10 miles an hour as I come to a stop. Again, I AM NOT BRAKING. Just want to clarify that before everyone says its my brake pads. It wont vibrate as I accelerate though so ill being slowing to around 10 miles an hour vibrating like crazy, then I touch the gas and it goes away. I use to ignore it but in the past week it seems to have gotten worse and I don't want to be going down the turnpike and suddenly an axle or something snaps off. Please help. Thank you!

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    2002 Chevy Silverado Ignition problems
    8:23 pm yesterday


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    Hi I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado, one day I came home and I thought I had the truck in park but it was in reverse and I was able to take the key out of the ignition. So when I realized it wasn t in park I put it back into park and the next day I went to start it, the ignition got stuck in the starting position and I had to turn the key back.Every time I start the truck I have to turn the key back I replaced the ignition but that didn t change anything please help me !!

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    ?Heres one for you guys. 1991 INFINITI Q45??
    2:03 pm yesterday


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    I have a 1991 infinity Q45 everything seemed in good condition idling I hear no noise whatsoever in the engine nor transmission I checked transmission fluids and engine fluids and everything is perfect. The flow it has is is that when I Switch to park to drive the car doesn't seem to creep forward sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't but when it does it's really little when I go to reverse a creeps much more backwards than when it is on drive I also have realized that when I go over 60 miles and let go of the accelerator it jerks and it feels like the car's braking and stuff and I check the RP m's when it does that and it goes from 1000 rpm to 1800 rpm and then again and again and again until it comes to like 20 mph and lower. ITS A AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. I soon realized it wasnt a issue down shifting since i left the gear manually at 3rd. And when letting go it still jerks even have a video of it. Furthermore i took it to a mechanic and said it could be a transmission computer or a engine computer ( ECM OR TCM) Im questioning wether i should rely on my mechanic or go somewhere else. And if it is that will it fix my car not creeping whilst on drive? And jerking when letting go of the accelerator at speeds of over 35mphs.?

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