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    Do oil change places mix old oil into new?
    9:37 am today


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    I have a friendly car mechanic whom I occasionally help with his computer problems. He told me that pretty much all oil change places mix old oil into the new. Especially when the price is low, like $19.99, according to him, if the shop uses real new oil, it won't make economic sense because oil plus filter will cost about as much. So according to him, either change the oil by yourself, or bring your own oil to the shop to change. Wondering to what degree he is right.?

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    G37X cv axle
    4:34 am today


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    While doing around 145 I braked and immediately noticed a loud popping sound which I just assumed was the cv axle going out. Upon inspection there is grease all over the wheel well from the boot being torn. But the actual axle seems to be rather far away from the differential, is there a chance that it could have pulled itself out of the differential possibly damaging it in the process? Both the diff and cv were replaced extremely recently.

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    headlights and high beams switched
    3:14 pm yesterday


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    I recently bought a used car

    and i found this very weird problem

    on the driver's side when the headlights are on the bulb in the high beams slot turn on

    and when I activate the high beams, the bulb in the headlight slot turns on

    I took it to a garage and he said this will cost me 30 dollars

    I am no car expert by any means but I am not stupid to pay 30 dollars for a simple problem like this

    i think maybe the wiring under the hood are switched somehow ?

    or maybe the fuses

    i hope i can get some help here

    maybe i can try to fix it my self

    my car is a 2008 nissan altima 2.5

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    Want to beat my brothers mustang with whatever puts more salt in his wounds
    12:24 pm yesterday


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    My little brother bought a 99 mustang gt for around 5k and thinks he's the king of the road. I'd like to buy a car for around the same price just to show him he isn't. I'm a mustang love myself but don't want to beat him with that. What's a good option? I was thinking about a Nissan 300zx or another small engine car because he thinks v8 is king. Looking at miata and mr2 just to rub it in. Or would beating him with a Chevy be the biggest slap in the face? I want to spend about the same amount to show that money wasn't the deciding factor. But I think it would be satisfying to beat him with a car that is not a v8 since he thinks he's unbeatable in it. To be honest I love mustang's but it'll be fun to beat him with something else. The only mod on his car is the exhaust.

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    Honda Accord Euro R/ Nissan Skyline 350GT or BMW 320i
    3:19 am yesterday


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    Okay so I'm looking to buy a new car. I've been searching around and I've narrowed it down to 3 cars. All are 6 Speed speed manuals. Both the Nissan and Honda are 2006, the BMW is 2005. The Honda is a Front Wheel Drive, the BMW and Nissan is a Rear Wheel Drive

    Most of my driving is done in 50-60km zones, but i do go over the highway in the weekend and have plans to drive out of the city, so i want plenty of overtaking power. I also like to go driving around the hills in the weekend. Theres 100km zones around the hill, but lots of corners with 35km recommended speed, but i like to take them faster so want something that handles well. My current car is an old Nissan 96 FWD Primera and it can safely at ease take 35km corners at about 50, but i have to slow right down for 25km corners. So not good enough.

    It also rains quite a bit, maybe once a week on average. Sometimes it rains 3 days in a row, usually in winter, but it rains in summer a little bit also. Most of the time its dry though and i dont intend to drive hills in the rain, but i sometimes have to go over highway when it starts raining. Mostly if its raining ill just be driving to and from work though.

    Hasn't snowed here in 8 years, but prone to black ice in winter mornings. Any advice or other recommendations appreciated.

    Note: I don't think links work on mobile so ill post pics also.

    $14000 Nissan: https://trademe.nz/motors/cars/nissan/skyline/listing/1848260456

    $10000 BMW: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1782538203.htm?rsqid=070c53e825a3497083f6a508b0699de9

    $12000 Honda: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/honda/auction-1721663173.htm?rsqid=9caeb40e4319445c91a95edcbb6e4380

    BMW 2.PNG

    BMW Engine.PNG



    Honda 2.PNG

    Honda 3.PNG

    Honda Engine.PNG


    Nissan Engine.PNG

    Skyline 2.PNG

    Skyline 3.PNG


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