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    End of Summer Marks Perfect Time for Car Care
    9:50 am today


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    The following tips from Orange Autos should be considered for your car or jeep maintenance services this summer.

    • Motor Performance
    • Fuel
    • Oil
    • Cooling System
    • Radiator/Defroster
    • Windshield Wipers
    • An expression of alert
    • Lights
    • Fumes System
    • Tires

    Source: https://www.funadvice.com/blog/end-of-summer-marks-perfect-time-for-car-care

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    How to pay my road tax in Bangalore?
    3:09 am today

    Akhil Puthenkot

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    If you are moving from another state to Karnataka then kindly be aware that you will have to pay lifetime Road Tax in Karnataka. However, if you plan to move out of the state within a year then you need not pay Road Tax however if you are planning to stay in Karnataka then its better you pay your Road Tax sooner to avoid any penalties.


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    Maintenance Valet Service
    2:15 am today

    Erwin Magalang

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    Most of us already know the importance of car maintenance and its benefits to our car. However, we still encounter some hindrance of accomplishing it like the time and effort we will exert for us to attend our maintenance schedule.

    I've read several articles which introduce maintenance valet service in different countries. There's a similar service offered in my area which I find very useful. I once booked a service when I had scheduled maintenance during office hours. Through this, I was able to have my car maintained while I'm in the office.

    Did anyone book a similar service? Do you find it useful and how was your experience? It would be great if you could share your thoughts.

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    Neighbor scratched my rear bumper. Is it worth it to get insurance involved?
    7:17 pm yesterday


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    Yesterday, my neighbor scratched my bumper. Is it worth it to get insurance involved? I've attached the picture here.

    If I don't and leave it as is, will I be at risk of paint chipping and the problem spreading even more?


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    Buy Volvo V80?
    12:36 am yesterday


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    2007 Volvo V80 V8

    181k miles


    Seems to be a great deal and I really want it. It seemed to drive well, except for the error "active chassis service required" that showed while driving.

    Research says it could be bad wiring or sensor, or bad struts. I did get a faint thunk while making a sharp left turn that I did reproduce once more with a sharp turn, but couldn't reproduce a third time. Could have imagined them! Maybe not. Error seemed to have disappeared when I parked later.

    Dealer thinks I'm crazy if I don't buy because it's a super-amazing car at a great price omg (and it is nice I agree, COOLED seats blew my mind!), but this is ALL my money. Zero will be left to fix anything that goes wrong. Zero. I will have a $4000 great-deal brick.

    Should I buy? :\

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