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    My Car Cylinder Head Damaged. Just like to know the reasons.
    5:55 am today


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    Hello guys,

    Today, Writing this topic to know the fact which my mechanic miss guided me.
    I am not sure its truth but, have doubt on his comment.

    My vehicle details :

    Fiat Linea 1.3 Mulitject (Emotion Pack) 2011 [ Diesel ]

    Some days ago Elbow was damaged and had cracked due to my coolant get empty.
    I have replaced new Elbow and refill Water instead of Coolant to test for some days that it fixed properly or not.

    After, One month got chance to replace coolant. Some how that time I was able to add 1ltr coolant and 2ltr plain water and it get full.

    I drawn continuous 10km and my car was overheated and suddenly stopped with over heat light turn on in panel.
    I had call to mechanic immediately. He told me to wait for some time and add remaining water into coolant box. Followed same added remaining water in coolant tank.

    Car started fine and come back to home. After this incident drawn my car 2 months there was no issue at all while driving.

    One day morning I felt to check water in coolant tank and seen there is Engine oil mixed with coolant. I got tensed after watching this and call mechanic he replied "don't worry this is common issue we have to replace oil cooler". This reply was kept me relaxed for some days until my car was not reached to his garage.

    I had put car back to garage for following work to be done.

    1 ) Replace clutch set
    2) Replace Oil cooler
    3) AC Turn off and on Randomly

    He took 4 days to complete this work. When my car reach to me I felt very bad noise from Engine.
    Pickup totally went away and saw the engine light ON continuously. Car performance change to too bad

    No Peakup at all as well lots of noise.

    After two days of drive[50km] , Keep back to garage to fix the noise and raise the pickup back as it should.

    Mechanic spend one day to inspect the issue. Finally he found coolant water get mixed with engine oil. This was bad news for me.

    Because, we already replaced OIL cooler. so, now next culprit is Cylinder head that we have doubt and Tapped making to noise.

    His, first step was service the Tapped to reduce the noise. We got the success to reduce the noise after service tapped.

    Still we are in doubt to open head or not before then we feel lets change OIL cooler again and try. As we know open head is very time consuming and expensive too so,

    we were making sure to open cylinder head or not.

    Another cooler want help still all coolant water drain from engine. and finally open the head cover. What i saw there it was totally surprising to me. Found big hole in head.

    attaching Image here, I can accept if there would be any crack but this big hole make me worry and still not able to imagine how this could happen.

    I have following doubt can any once make it clear what are the possibilities.

    1 ) It was get bit dammed when my car was over headed months ago and slowly oil get mixture with coolant.

    > More damaged while open the Tapped for service.

    2) Its damaged slowly in time manners.


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    Powered driver's seat (slight movement)
    9:47 pm yesterday


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    Hi there,

    I have a KIA Sportage GT-line, which I have purchased mid-2017.

    My question is regarding the powered driver's seat and if the 'issue' that I am expecting is actually a defect or something that I have to live with because it is 'normal'.

    When turning into corners, the seat moves lightly to the side and I can fee a little click of the seat.

    Example: When turning left, the seat might move very slightly to the right and I can feel a click of the seat. When turning left again, the seat does not move. Only when then turning right, the seat might move to the left with the same slight movement and click.

    I have been to my local dealer multiple times, they apparently changed the seat base, which unfortunately did not fix the issue.

    I have had multiple cars with powered front seats, but have never experienced this issue before. I also had the change to drive a friend's KIA Sportage GT-line of the same year, his car did not have the issue.

    Can you please advise and let me know what to do?

    Many thanks,


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    How to stick LED light at the interior without damaging?
    9:13 pm yesterday


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    Hi everyone, this is officially my first post

    So I have bought an LED welcoming Light for Mazda to be stick inside the car on each door.. the problem is, what if after years of using it and i plan to remove it.. i dont want the 3M sticker at the back of it to create damage to the surface ... if only residue thats fine but im pretty sure if after years it will not only residue but the remainings (like the whitisish thing or maybe the sticker take out some particle from my car)....

    so how do u propose to stick it?

    can i use something like this --> https://www.ebay.com/itm/202329738933?ul_noapp=true

    and stick the LED light on top of it? as a layer of protection between the Light and the car.. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thank you

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    2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Auto Transmission
    8:41 pm yesterday


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    Just wanted some advice on if there are any transmission upgrades I can add to my Jeep. I have other upgrades (headers, catback, brakes, suspension, camshaft, valve springs, intake, etc.). I know that I can get the shift timing adjusted somewhat with another dyno done, but I don't know that doing that alone will make much of a difference. For the power I have added, the only real thing that is lacking is the shifting (shift speed and firmness). Maybe increasing line pressure or something else would help? From what I have read, it doesn't seem like an upgraded torque converter would do much of anything, and in some cases would be counterproductive for what I am trying to gain. Higher stall speeds seem to be more adequate for drag racing scenarios from what I understand. To be clear, I have upgraded most of the thing listed above myself, but my knowledge is still very limited on the true mechanics of cars and their limitations. And if I would just be wasting my time with pursuing an upgrade like this, please let me know!

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    Need Insights
    2:07 pm yesterday


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    College student here. I am working on a project for the 2019 Effie Collegiate Brand Challenge and I could really use some insights (especially if you are within the age of 20-40) for our research on perceptions of car buying and brand perceptions of Subaru. All responses are anonymous, so answering the questions honestly is encouraged. I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!


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