car glass treatment really good on giveaway

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Hey guys. Been looking for a really good last lasting glass product for a while. was using Adam's auto polish brands for a while. It worked pretty well but I don't know if you guys have heard of glassparency before. I can usually only get it applied to my car at shops because they don't sell it on autogeek or at pepboys or anything but it's the best I've used. They're doing this giveaway on their IG page right now where they posted the link which is just but I don't think they realize you can send away for as many applications as you want. They make this really high-quality glass treatment that basically repels rain dust mud and other things too. the rain repellency is incredible.

You do still have to pay a flat rate shipping so it's not totally free but I can't find this stuff anywhere for any cheaper than $80 bucks to get applied to my car. I normally have to pay that and go to my shop to get my car's glass treated and now I can just apply it myself. I sent away for 15 of these. It makes it so your windshield will barely even need any wipers in the rain because the water just beads off and keeps all your glass clean. Just thought i'd help some people out and spread the word while this is still active. I'm not sure how long they're doing the giveaway for but go order as many as you can and order the total glass kit option. This one isn't free plus shipping but it's crazy discounted because my friend who's a shop owner sells it for $175. It came out to be only like $31 for me for that product with shipping.

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