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Lately, I have been looking at different cars that would go well for me at my age as I am only 16. I will be getting my permit soon but as the title suggests I need a car that would be inexpensive and safe. Most cars on the market that have camera accessories and good safety features are surprisingly expensive for me and I don't want to stress my parents with a car that is 20k. They told me anything under 10k would be fine. If you have any suggestions on a car that is new or used, have safety features such as reverse cameras, and is 10k and under please list them below.

I wouldn't mind having any reverse camera's but I would feel more comfortable having one as it would be a lot safer.

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vehicles234    0


There are many cars that have all the safety features, accessories and will fit your budget as well. I would suggest you go for  Chevrolet Sonic, Ford Fiesta, Tata Vista & Honda City. These cars may fit your budget and have great efficiency. Also, they've got stylish looks & design.





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Chris V.    0

Non of those classics will be cheap or good for a teenager just learning to drive.

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