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I am looking for a first car. I want something that is fast and fun to drive. I want to be able to fit up to 5 people in the car including me, and everyone be able to be comfortable and have room. I want something that can get me through high school and through college (out of state), and be able to drive back and forth between the university and my home. I also want it to be a good looking car, preferably a sedan/coupe, and it needs to feel good to drive it. I want to buy a car used, under 20k with under 40k miles on it.

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Chris V.    0
2 hours ago, hifsa said:

i would suggest subaru ascent .............check it out here https://www.suvdrive.com/subaru/ascent/subaru-ascent-premium-2019


Hahaha. You suggest a NEW SUV for a high school student who's looking for a cheap USED car as a first car?

I suggest an E39 BMW 5 series (1998-2003) with enough cash on hand for repairs. Fun to drive, room for 5, stylish, and CHEAP (you can pick up a nice on for about $5-6k and have a lot of money left over to maintain it). Cheap on insurance and if you get the 6 cyl version, fairly cheap on gas, too.


Bonus, it has a huge internet forum following so that you can learn to DIY anything that goes wrong. But the 6 cyl ones should be fairly reliable.

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