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10 hours ago, Daniel Nagy said:

I am a 15 year old kid who is really into cars, and I just started getting deeper into car knowledge. What are the basic "you must know" things?


As someone who's also relatively new, I've done a bit of research. Here's a few things I think are important.


This shows you all important financial terms you'll need to think through when buying a car... it matters quite a bit.

I would also get to know the types of cars that can be bought off the market, like a coupe, sedan, minivan, convertible, etc.

Lastly, for your first car, find something with a cheap price tag and good mileage. Your first car is closely tied with your first job, so you'll want to have something with good gas mileage and that's reliable. Nothing over 100K miles I'd say.. but don't quote me on that.



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