Budget 10-15k max for buying used car(suv)

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I want to buy a car. I mean used car and year 2012 or later. I want suv or mini suv with good function. Right now the hyundai tucson is my ideal. I am not sure if anyone have a good suggestion. Mostly i will do food delivery and Uber

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Looking for a SUV or Mini SUV, Hyundai Tucson is a good choice. Other than Hyundai you can also go for Tata Safari, which is also a great SUV. Tata Motors has cars that are one of fuel-efficient & best mileage cars. I personally use Tata Manza (which is a sedan car) and I'm really very happy with it's performance, so I suggested you from the same company as I have heard a lot about it's powerful SUV's.

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