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Second Hand Car Buying Checklist

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supremas    0

I am an Android developer and in the last weeks I developed a Car Buying Checklist for Android. It contains all the things you need to verifiy before buying a second hand car, so you don't forget anything.

All the items are grouped into categories, and you can also add your own items/categories.

You can also upload your checklist and share it with your family/friends.

I am looking for some feedback for the app. What features would you find useful in such an application? Would you add any items to the default checklist?

Here is the Google Play link:

Any feedback for the app is appreciated :)

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Hi supremas,

What a coincident it is!

I am buying a second-hand car and this thread just popped on my laptop. I was going through the checklists, it is really awesome. I would like to thank you, It is really helpful for any buyer. But I think it lags in one thing which is insurances for second-hand cars. Insurance is one of the biggest factors which everyone should be aware of before buying a vehicle and it is very broad and confusing. There are many types of insurances and then they have different types of add-ons. As I mentioned I am buying a car, I was going through many different websites just to understand motor insurance, types and add-ons. I have found this website really helpful for any beginner to understand vehicle insurances. You can also improve your applications by considering my suggestion. 


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