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Found 3 results

  1. In the past, Polestar models, such as this high-powered S60 derivative, included the Volvo logo. That won't be the case in the future. Volvo will challenge Tesla Motors and BMW's i subbrand by turning its Polestar unit into a global stand-alone brand for high-performance electrified models. “With Polestar, we are able to offer electrified cars to the world's most demanding, progressive drivers in all market segments,” Volvo CEO
  2. Hello all!! First off, thank you for taking some of your time to look at my post. Some background info...I have somewhat minimal knowledge about cars. So I'm trying to see what I should get as my first car. I've narrowed it down to two cars. I've been looking at Audi A3 2015 and Volvo S60. I'm not exactly sure which one to get so I want to see what you all think and why. Also, if I were to get the one you suggested, please do tell me which options I should be including just so I know what to add on if I do get that one. I hope what I'm asking isn't too broad or too much. :S If you have any other information, please do let me know! As of now, I'm kinda leaning onto the Audi A3 2015 due to a few reasons. It's cheaper, nicer looking and seems to be much more powerful. Once again, thank you for taking the time to look at this and help me with this situation!
  3. Repairing Remote Locking

    Hi, I drive a 2002 Volvo S40 1.8 and the remote central locking needs some attention. My friend has a simular car which flashes the lights twice when you press unlock on the key and then flashes once when you lock the car with the button on the key. My car does flash twice when you unlock it with the remote locking but does not flash again when you lock it. The car is fully armed and the only way to open it is with the key itself but I fear there is a problem and reason why the lights do not flash when you lock it. When the car is locked you can move about inside and the alarm won't go off and there is a little led lamp on the dashboard which apparently should flash red when the alarm is on but again that doesn't flash. When I bought the car, inside the envelope of paperwork was what I believe to be a fuse, small with two prongs coming out and pinky colour plastic at the top and a small washer was there too, could this have been removed from the locking unit or alarm and be why the alarm doesn't seem to work? I would be grateful for any feedback and try any suggested options as I don't fancy having a car with a potentially disabled alarm! Many thanks.