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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all, I am in the market to buy the centennial edition Silverado, but wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with it so far. I have read tons of articles (such as this) but it really seems like they hype it up and I want an opinion from a user on all it has to offer. Thanks in advance, Kait
  2. Hey guys! I am in a pickle car shopping and need some advice. I'm trying to choose between this Chevy Tahoe and this Acura RDX. I think the Tahoe is more practical. It will be able to haul anything and everything I need for my family, but I have always driven a Acura MDX and love it. So I am having a tough time deciding. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these that they would like to share. Thank you in advance!
  3. I'm a single mom of three looking for a reliable Chevy. Any recommendations as to good models for someone like me? Big enough to haul around the kids, safe and reliable.

    Hi I desperately need help choosing between 5 cars. First off. gas mileage and the price of the vehicle itself isn't a factor. Interior materials and things like that aren't issues for me either. However reliability and sportiness/power do matter to me. I have done my research and found 5 seemingly reliable cars/trucks that are sporty and that I like very much! PROBLEM IS... I CANT CHOOSE WHICH ONE TO BUY! I like how all of them drive and I like how all of them look! Each one has a major selling point to me and here they are: LEXUS IS300: tiptronic with sport mode and paddle shifting buttons that are fun to use. Also reliability from the 2jz engine. 0-60 in 7.4 seconds isn't bad at all. PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GTP SUPERCHARGED: LOVE LOVE LOVE the supercharger whine! The boost is addicting. Performance shift mode. I personally love how the car looks! 0-60 in 6.6 seconds. MAZDA 6s: nice reliable 3.0L V6 with the 5-speed shiftable automatic! Beautiful blue color with spoiler and "body kit" a website says 0-60 in 6.3 seconds. Infiniti G35 sedan: I like the fact that this car is essentially a Nissan 350z in a dress... 0-60 in 6.1 seconds Chevrolet Trailblazer: I understand that this is an oddball based on the group just given, however... This one is just a feel thing I've always liked the look and feel of the trailblazers but I've been looking more for a sporty car. 0-60 in 7.6 seconds. Any help would be appreciated! I just need someone's opinion who won't say "the Lexus because it's a nicer car" I would appreciate some good solid reasons based in reliability and performance. Thanks again! -Alex
  5. Does anybody own a 2015 Chevy Malibu LS. I have so much trouble with the airdam scraping the ground on the slightest speed bump or driveway entrance. The LT and the LTZ have no problems at all the all have better clearance due to bigger tires. I called Chevy and they sentt me back to the dealer. The dealer does'nt want to do anything about it. If you buy a Malibu. Do yourself a favor and go for the LTZ instead of the LS. The tires are too small and you will be out of luck with the car scraping all the time.
  6. I found a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 200k miles on it on Craigslist and also a 1997 Chevy Cavalier with 88k miles on it. Obviously, 88k miles is a lot less than 200k miles, but I'm wondering if it would even matter considering Toyotas run forever. I need a reliable car for college (I will be commuting everyday for college this fall) and both have minimal/no rust. My mom owns a 1999 Toyota Camry and it is still running today (over 200k miles, check engine light is on but not sure what the problem is, it is also very loud), so a Corolla would still be a good choice based on what I've heard and seen. Which should I go with? I do not drive a lot outside of the fact that I will be going to college (about 20-25 miles there and back). I also would take very good care of whichever one I go with (oil changes, washing, driving), but is the Chevy the best choice because it has the lower miles? I live in Upstate NY, so the winter is definitely harsh on cars here. Thanks for the help!
  7. I have a 2005 Chevy Aveo. The interior lights and radio will not power on. It used to work and we started having electrical problems with the car. Sometimes the air conditioner won't come on but sometimes when it stops working and you hit a bump it will turn on. I have checked the fuses and I am pretty sure that they are not blown. The metal thing inside of the fuse for the radio is still connected. Any ideas on how to fix it? We did have to put a new battery in it a few months ago but I'm pretty sure we had problems before that. If the problem is a short wire how would I fix that? Thanks!
  8. Car won't crank

    I just got a 97 Cavalier Z24, and the guy said he drove it home and parked it for the winter. I had to tow it home, cause it didn't want to start. I get it home and my dad said it may be the starter. So I changed that and still wont try to crank. I get power to the lights, radio, and my gages, but nothing when I turn the key. What do you guys think? My first little tuner car
  9. I am in the market for a new car and I am torn over a couple of options, and need some assistance. Especially with the debate on Ford EcoBoost vs. Chevy Flex-Fuel engines (as pertaining to CARS not SUVS/TRUCKS) Which is more reliable? Better gas mileage? (CARS not SUV's) Overall better rating?? Can you please tell me your favorite and why? 1) 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium (Turbo FWD) Vs. New 2014 Chevy Impala LT (3.6L V6) 2) 2013 Ford Taurus SEL vs. 2013 Chevy Malibu LTZ If you have any other opinions on cars that are not chevy or ford, please let me know...I have also been looking at the 2014 Mazda 6...I heard there is a turbo Diesel engine coming out soon?
  10. Okay, so I've got a 1991 2.2l i4 Chevrolet Cavalier RS 2door coupe. Anyhow, I've looked up it's VIN plenty of times on Carfax and the like, and I see that under the "Drivetrain" marker, it says RWD... Now I know for a fact that when a vehicle is FWD the engines are turned from where the fan is in the front, to where the fan is either on the left or right. Now, my cavalier has the turned engine with the fan facing passanger side, but when I run the VIN through carfax, it says it's a RWD... Is this even possible?
  11. Hello everyone. I have a 1994 Chevy S10 pickup and for some time now I have had a lot of multiple problems with my S10. About 2-3 months ago I replaced the transmission in my pickup and ever since then my truck has been acting strange. I will list some of the symptoms. 1: Vehicle has trouble accelerating and RPM's aren't stable. 2: Idols very rough when sitting at a stop light or sitting in park. 3: When accelerating, vehicle will sometimes back fire under pressure and make a spitting sound on the drivers side. I have done a lot of repairs on the vehicle. I have replaced the O2 sensor near the catolic converter, replaced old intake manifold gaskets, replaced exhaust pipe donuts and have also welded and repaired all hole damage to tail pipe. There are NO exhaust leaks that I can smell, see, or feel. I also replaced a digital part on top of the engine on the passenger side next to the valve cover, I think it had something to do with the vacuum lines and I replaced it but I do not remember the name of the part. I even reset the vehicles computer after replacing these parts. I replaced the hole spark plug system and all vacuum lines have been replaced as well. But the vehicle still runs bad. Any help is much appreciated. Thank You Kevin
  12. I have a 1998 Chevy Astro and I recently notice the back door (suv style) wouldnt open so I replaced the lighter fuse in the fuse box below the steering wheel and the door then open perfectly accecpt the shock doesnt hold it up anymore and then the fuse burn right back out after i closed it? Any help on the door lock/fuse problem or help on why the door wont hold up (shock problem? Please and thanks.
  13. I am currently rebuilding a Chevy 350 and have a few questions. I installed new compression rings on all of my pistons and I have the pistons and crankshaft n the block so far. However the crankshaft doesn't want to spin at all, what would be causing this to happen or should it be happening?
  14. Near the summer I will be getting some better headlights but I need some suggestions on brands, plus they have to be street legal in Illinois as well. I have been looking at the HID lights but I am getting mixed reviews, any suggestions welcome because the factory installed lights are not bright enough for me.
  15. Check out this great infographic from B&W Trailer Hitches timelining the evolution of trucks from the 1900s to 2012. It shows the different models and body shapes over the decades with information on horsepower and engine size for each model. It includes Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota trucks as well as interesting information on towing capacities and the amount of parts of these trucks that are actually made here in the U.S. Here's the link to the infographic: http://www.turnoverb.../modern-truck-0
  16. Hey I am looking at a 2003 monte carlo, it's in pretty decent shape but it's been around the block more than a few times it has a little over 240,000km on it, seller is asking 3800, i could try and talk him down to 3000 but i'm still unsure about it, is it worth it?