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  2. best prices for you
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    please pay attention
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  5. Hello, i intend to change my father ride from 730Li to a 7 seater SUV. x5 Q7 XC90 fortuner GL450 Land Rover Discovery btw, i am talking about the old USED cars to keep costs low. of these, which is the better one with reliability being highest priority. reason is because my father really really really hate a car to breakdown leaving him stranded. Thanks in advance About Me: I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms You can check mobile promo video, one of my work.
  6. Car scrap & body value

    Hello, i would like to know if i scrap my car when the COE is up,other than the PARF value do i still get body value(scrap metal)? if yes,can anyone provide estimated body value of BMW 520,Mercedes E200 and Volvo S80? Thanks in advance About Me: I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms You can check Social Media Monitoring video, one of my work.
  7. In the quest to simplify your car, automakers are probably going to make life more annoying and difficult, at least for a while. At CES in Las Vegas this month, four automakers announced they're inviting speech-activated virtual assistants -- Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana -- to become your driving companion. One who might pester you to buy things, tell you you're driving the wrong way or remind you you've left your house unlocked.
  8. We are expanding our laundry business and we will needing another vehicle for business. But, we still have an existing car loan. I wonder if we can get another one? Do you know a financing firm that could meet our financing needs?
  9. Factors important to me in terms of decreasing importance... 1. MPG (40+) 2. Monthly Payment (250 or less) 3. Cruise Control 4. Bluetooth 5. Comfort for long drives 6. Trunk space/folding seats Factors that don't matter to me are.. 1. Brand name, 2. Color availability, 3. Fuel type I'm looking for something under 16k (new or used). Preferably used.
  10. Korean Brands Lead Industry in Initial Quality, While Japanese Brands Struggle to Keep Up with Pace of Improvement Press Releases: June 17, 2015 I own a 2004 BMW 540i and I'm in the market for a new luxury sedan. I will most likely buy the 2015 Hyundai Genesis. I test drove one 2 weeks ago and the handling is top-notch, pretty much on par with my 540i. I consider Hyundai a high quality brand (although maybe not "premium" yet), and the 2015 Genesis is a very high quality vehicle. However reliability matters the most to me, hence why I'm going with Hyundai. I've seen way too many Mazda's and Subaru's break down all of a sudden with no explanation other than poor reliability. I don't trust Lexus anymore after the braking scandal and now the Takata airbag scandal which has recently killed 8 people in the US and injured thousands others. What do you guys think? The IQS study may not truly indicate future reliability, but it's the most objective assessment of vehicle quality with no driver/external biases.
  11. Hello, I recently bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata GL. The car is currently in perfect condition and I really like it. However, I discovered that the 2011 can have serious engine seizing issues. There has been many complaints at carcomplaints dot com. I am curious if this problem is very common and bound to happen to me? Also, does this affect Sonatas in all countries? I live in Ontario, Canada. The car currently has 55000 km on it. I am trying to decide if I should sell it or keep it. Thank you
  12. on the fly build!

    I have a completely stock 2010 corolla le. I am going to replacing parts to make it look cool and SOUND fast. I don't care ab it being fast at all just to sound like it is. I need help as to what parts to start on. I will give recognition and exposure to who ever helps me. Any ideas?
  13. Just a question

    so um, my mom has a chrystler right now, and she was wondering what the most affordable car that she could get that has bucket seats(7 seats) and maybe around a 2011-2014 model. Does anyone know or can maybe give me a list of cars that meet those requirements? thanks , btw it can be in any price range....she usually buys used.... but if its cheap enough, she may let me have her old car, which would be awesome since i dont own one.
  14. Hey everyone I'm relatively new to the topic of buying cars and I'm trying to do so on a budget, so I'm trying to find a deal buying a used car. My rents had a Toyota so I'm trying to stick with what I know. Anyway from my research I've understood that important things to consider are mileage, clean title, scratches/dents, and numbers of owners as the most important factors. From that I've found two listings that seem to have all the necessities: http://miami.craigsl...4689396152.html and from ebay My questions are Do these listings look good? I mostly just need a nice car that will get me from A to B that is safe. Did I forget anything important to look at? Which looks like the better deal and how much should I be willing to bid on the second listing? BTW, I'll be moving Boston for my new job, so I'd be driving the cars up there.
  15. Car buying help.

    Hi everybody. I need some opinions. I've had my license for about a year, and I'm going to be needing a car before I move off to college. I'm moving from California to Kansas within a year or two. I have no preferences other than: 4wd, decent gas mileage(~20mpg) and reliable. Could settle for a small truck or a jeep-type vehicle. Also, being a soon-to-be college student I have a measly budget of around $10k. Any opinions and explanations are welcome. Thank you all!
  16. I have a budget of around 140k USD and i can't find the perfect car , i have looked at the Audi RS7 and was really interested in the car the 560 hp and Quattro AWD seems awesome, and oh and it looks a million bucks . please help me find a car with lots of power comfort and luxury, i also took a look at the BMW m5 and it had a similar power figure to the Audi but i don't really think a bimmer is what i want . Thanks,

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  18. I don't know much about vehicles or anything for that matter. I want to know which car is faster between the two. Charger R/T Engine5.7L engine Cylinders8 cylinders Horsepower370 horsepower@5250rpm Torque395 torque@4200rpm Taurus SHO Engine3.5L engine Cylinders6 cylinders Horsepower365 horsepower@5500rpm Torque350 torque@1500rpm
  19. Free car valuation

    Interested in a free estimate of the value of used cars, just visit this site
  20. Stanced Cars

    Hi, Stanced Cars in FaceBook page: Like and Share with friends!!!
  21. 1rst Toyota Sienna

    Hello there, New to this forum and relatively new to the world of cars. I have been trying to get my first car on and off for about a year now. I have decided that I want to get a pre 05 Toyota sienna. My budget is going to be around 5000 im trying to get one for around 3k and then put 2-3k of work into it at a mechanic. That's where this forum comes in! Im in the nyc area so I assume if I search ill be able to find a decent one since there are always plenty listed. Once this happens and after the mechanic inspects it what work would you guys recommend I have preemptively done to it? Obviously ill need to remedy any problems the mechanic and prior owner note. I read somewhere that putting in a new set of sensors and electronics is a good investment. Just putting my thoughts on here. Anyways, just trying to see what others think. Thanks in advance for the help.
  22. Fun Economic Car

    Hello everyone, I am brand new here and this is my first post so all of your input and consideration is highly appreciated... So I am 16 and have been driving for roughly half a year legally. I drive a 1998 Toyota Corolla LE I got from my parents. Yes I know, the Corolla is not a fun car, and that is the problem. The car is in great shape with only 120k which is nothing at all for a car like that; and I have put tint, rims, new struts, shocks, springs, brakes, and spark plugs into the car to try and make the ride a little more enjoyable. Because the car is a 98 Corolla, I will not waste my time putting legitimate modifications into the 1.8 L 4 Cylinder this car has. MY POINT to all of this is, my dad said he would buy the car back from me and I could use that $ to buy a car I enjoy more. Now I would like to think I do know a decent amount about cars, in fact, cars are probably my greatest hobby; I spend hours upon hours each day reading, watching, and doing anything I can to involve myself with automotives...BUT, I am completely stumped, after looking all over the internet and personally asking car people and mechanics I still cannot decide on a next car... I want this car to be somewhat economic, 25+ mpg, the car does not have to have crazy speed, but I do want it to have a respectable pick up, and I want it to be "fun." A car that gives you more than just A to B; a car the makes you WANT to go to A and B each day; and I would also hope this car is reliable. AND IT MUST BE STICK SHIFT. My price range is roughly $6000-$8000...I know what I am asking is extremely limited and picky, but I have a feeling that that car is out there somewhere; and I hope you fellow car enthusiasts can help me out...Thanks again!
  23. Hi everyone, my name is Kory and I am looking to get some feedback from a range of car owners. Below I have listed 12 questions which would help in the development of some new technology which is looking to extend the life of every vehicle out on the road. If you could please find some time to answer some or all of the questions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time 1. What is the age of your car? 2. What types of cars are they? (For example: muscle car, hot rod, regular daily use, etc.) 3. How much longer are you planning on keeping the vehicle(s)? 4. Are you concerned about the appearance or durability of your car? a. Scale of 1-7 with 7 being most concerned 5. What appearance or durability factors concern you the most? 6. What, if anything, are you doing to alleviate these concerns? 7. How are you monitoring these concerns? 8. What would you say are the biggest problems or challenges regarding monitoring these concerns? 9. Are you using any computer/phone technology to enhance your cars performance/maintenance experience currently? a. If yes, what? 10. Are you comfortable with using that technology? a. If no, what could be done to help? 11. Do you gather information about car trends? a. If so, what’s your main source of information? 12. Do you belong to any car club type organization? a. If Yes ______________(Name of organization)
  24. Kia sportage questions

    Hey guys, I new to this so sorry if I'm doing something wrong. But anyway, I am getting a 2008 Kia sportage and I was wondering how much a 3in body lift would be, what size tires would be best for it, and it's a 4cyl which most of you know make the pickup really slow so is there anyway i could speed it up but like in a cheaper way? Thanks!
  25. Electric Car

    An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one electric motor or more, using electrical energy stored in batteries or another energy storage device. Electric motors give electric cars instant torque, creating strong and smooth acceleration. The first electric cars appeared in the 1880s.[1] Electric cars were popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century, until advances in internal combustion engine technology and mass production of cheaper gasoline vehicles led to a decline in the use of electric drive vehicles. The energy crises of the 1970s and 1980s brought a short-lived interest in electric cars; although, those cars did not reach the mass marketing stage, as is the case in the 21st century. Since 2008, a renaissance in electric vehicle manufacturing has occurred due to advances in battery and power management technologies, concerns about increasing oil prices, and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.[2][3] Several national and local governments have established tax credits, subsidies, and other incentives to promote the introduction and adoption in the mass market of new electric vehicles depending on battery size and their all-electric range. Benefits of electric cars over conventional internal combustion engine automobiles include a significant reduction of local air pollution, as they do not emit tailpipe pollutants,[4] in many cases, a large reduction in total greenhouse gas and other emissions (dependent on the fuel and technology used for electricity generation[2][3]), and less dependence on foreign oil, which in several countries is cause for concern about vulnerability to oil price volatility and supply disruption.[2][5][6] Widespread adoption of electric cars faces several hurdles and limitations, however, including the higher cost of electric vehicles, the lack of recharging infrastructure (other than home charging) and range anxiety, the driver's fear of the batteries running out of energy before reaching their destination due to the limited range of most existing electric cars.[2][3] As of January 2014[update], the number of mass production highway-capable all-electric passenger cars and utility vans available in the market is limited to about 25 models, mainly in the United States, Japan, Western European countries and China. Pure electric car sales in 2012 were led by Japan with a 28% market share of global sales, followed by the United States with a 26% share, China with 16%, France with 11%, and Norway with 7%. The world's top selling highway-capable electric car ever is the Nissan Leaf, released in December 2010 and sold in 35 countries, with global sales of 100,000 units by mid January 2014, representing a 45% market share of worldwide pure electric vehicles sold since 2010. Source : Wikipedia. Follow us on : Follow us on :