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  1. Latest and New Cars Review

    When it comes to largely forgotten but worthwhile vehicles, the Suzuki Kizashi Cars mid-sized sedan might well be the byword. When the Kizashi launched in early 2010 as the flagship of Suzuki’s range, it stood out with its lovely proportions, pervasive sense of refinement and above-average dynamics. Over the ensuing six-and-a-bit years, though, the mid-sized game has changed at a pace unmatched by Suzuki, a conservative brand with shallower pockets than some of its heavyweight rivals. But does the Kizashi still offer enough to warrant a look? It might sell in the most minuscule numbers of the mid-sized sedan brigade — its 0.2 percent market share must make the one-percenters jealous — but that doesn’t always paint an accurate picture. Furthermore, let’s remember that our company tagline promises coverage of “every” new car, not “most”. Here we test the up-spec Suzuki Kizashi Sports Prestige variant, with a recommended retail price of $37,990 plus on-road costs (bet you can do better than that). Right off the bat, the Kizashi’s design remains understated but still attractive and well-proportioned, as if carved from a single hunk of metal. This is most obvious from the rear, with the curvaceous boot lines, pronounced haunches, and characterful exhaust outlets. The body kit errs towards tacky, but it’s still a low-key looker.
  2. Suzuki Every is a microvan available in both commercials passenger versions. The model was originally called the Carry, but after a while, it was renamed the Every. The Every is available with both 4x2 and 4x4 configurations and received a series of upgrades in 2007. Unlike other boxy Japanese models, the Suzuki Every isn’t sold only in its home market and it can be found in many other regions vehicles is basically a rebadged version of the Mazda Scrum and it shares the same engines and technologies with its twin. Power comes from a 660 cc engine which is mated on either three or four-speed automatic transmissions.
  3. The "List all your cars" thread

    Hi Guys, its a really useful and informative. Guys your list is very best and good.
  4. news in auto industry

    I have also recently an article about NLC to Start Assembling of Mercedes Trucks in Pakistan. Please check it. it's really informative article. kindly feedback me.
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