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  1. Charger r/t or Cadillac CTS V

    Your very welcome i’m Curious as to whic one you went with! Let me know!
  2. Just seeing physical condition and not taking in future maintenance the eclipse is the better deal. Make sure to see both in person and test drive. Double check the mileage. If the Miata has more than 150k it’s not worth the 3k they want. Take a mechanic friend with you and ask about recent mantinence. Edit: the eclipse is much better choice. Especially with the timing done at 120k that leaves you with 50k to go before you should check it. Pads, battery, and rotors are easy fixes. Just watch for alternated and wheels/tires because it sat for just over a year. Factor in all those costs and you only add at the most another grand and it’s the better deal still. Check the year on tires if they are over 5 years get prepared to change them. Other wise from what I read eclipse is the way to go.
  3. Charger r/t or Cadillac CTS V

    The charger is no longer a muscle car. I wouldn’t even touch it. The only thing they have going for them is the looks and that’s not enough to get a muscle car fanatic like me to touch it. And as a valet. I hate them. They are too large for the lack of engine in them. They could get a ton more power in a hood that size. Sorry dodge. Go with the CTS V if you baby it you can keep on top of mantinence. Be sure to bring a top notch mechanic with you when you go to look at them. They can see anything wrong it’s it just by start up sound idling sound and looks. Watch for brakes, clutch, transmission, and timing belt on it too. If any of those are looking close to needing to repair then make sure to negotiate that possible cost into purchase. Always! And of course air conditioning.
  4. Need help identifying this car

    Body shots help to I’d cars. But it might be a cobra but the logo looks like a knock off attempt.
  5. want my car to be louder... help

    Start with a supercharger and dual exhausts. Outside of that your running the risk of people calling it a river. Make sure it’s got function whatever you put on it!
  6. i need help identifying this car

    It definitely is question is what year because the logo is slightly off.
  7. Mad Max Interceptor

    I’m looking to build the Black on Black from Mad max. I’m using road warrior as most of the inspiration. I have a small idea so far of what to do with it. I have no monetary limit. I only intend to put the highest quality in and on it. The image I have attached is just a rough sketch. If anyone has idea for the sound system and brakes. Or any parts at all i’m Open to them! Like I said only the best will be placed on my baby. i I tend to by the blueprints from Ford to build it from scratch so I can reinforce it to handle a much stronger engine. The intention is to only use forged parts on as much of the engine as possible to ensure it will be as strong as possible. Again in open to all suggestions! I will be doing the matte black from the first movie not the rust paint from the second.