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  1. Reliability of 70's/80's Fords?

    I also found a 2 door Maverick from 1977. Is this more or less of a hassle to maintain than the Ranchero? Thanks -Joe
  2. I'm in the market for my first car, so reliability and ease of maintenance are my two big deciding factors. I'm looking at a 1977 F-150 short bed, a 1979 T-bird, a 1983 T-bird, and a 1978 Ranchero. So, first off, are there notable things I should regarding these four Fords? For example, I know that the 88 T-bird Turbo coupe had a bit of an issue with the head gasket failing. Second, if these four cars are all poor choices, what should I be looking for, and why? Any other input is greatly appreciated as well. Thanks. - Joe