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  1. Need a new vehicle no clue what to choose

    the thing is this car is easy to repair cheap but worth it
  2. Want to mod lancer es

    i would suggest coilovers for Supencerian and bucket racing seats small spoiler angle kit carbin fiber clutches new exoust and racing tiers
  3. In used cars which brand is worth buying

    ceverlet they run so good any were from 1955 on
  4. Jaguar and Land Rover

  5. Which small car for my daugther (1st car) ?

    porce 911 turbo or boxter
  6. so you should get a comarro ether 1969 or 2017
  7. Need a new vehicle no clue what to choose

    just did not catch that
  8. Need a new vehicle no clue what to choose

    no you should get a 1972 cevell get a 454 engine and it's easy to work on
  9. Teen First Car Advice

    these cars might not have all the new features but there reliable and easy to work on
  10. Should this be my first car?

    I would sugest from 1969-1980 muscle car or sports cars
  11. parts for a 1972 cevell

    perferably parts black and red parts
  12. parts for a 1972 cevell

    I need bumbers 454 high performance parts all fender need replacing a drive shaft limited slip differential and brand new transmission new roof and chassis and interrier pieces and all other peices