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  1. Which new car is best?

    There are many branded cars for sale in Srilanka . To list down the best cars you can buy in 30K would be Tata Zest Tata Bolt and Tata GenX Nano Car The cars are designed with the tough and stylish body, sleek interiors, spacious and comfortable seating. Tata Zest & Bolt is available in petrol and diesel variant. Tata GenX Nano is also available in a fully automatic transmission that allows a complete fun-filled driving experience. You must book a Test Drive and experience the car before buying one.
  2. Why buy car in December?

    Many of us would have got attracted to the offers the car companies make to sell cars, especially in December. But how much sensible it is to buy a car in December? Balancing discounts, resale values and launches is a complicated equation and you need to give it a serious think before buying a new car. Car Manufacturers offer a good deal and discounts to sell the cars in December. But how much feasible it is to buy a car in December. Let us work it our arithmetically. Let us work with an example of Tata Motors dealers offer on Tata Zest car which is available for 5.50 lakh (on road price) in Mumbai. Currently, you could get a discount plus exchange bonus worth 66,000 as per dealers, which brings down the effective price to 4.05 lakh. If you sell this car in 2024, this 2017 model would approximately fetch a resale value of 1.94 lakh. Now, let us see what will happen if you wait for a few months to buy a 2018 model. The car will definitely command a better resale value of 2.50. However, despite the better resale value (56,000 more) it makes sense to buy the car in December because of the attractive discount (66,000). However, please note that it is not so simple to arrive at the resale value of your car. But it definitely seems beneficial to buy a car in December.
  3. The "List all your cars" thread

    2000 Indica V2 2010 Tata Sumo 2017 Tata Zest After using Tata Indica, which was launched in 1998 in India, its fuel efficiency review could not be resisted by anyone in the world. In the year 2000, I bought the newer version of Tata Indica with new improved features. I then shifted to an SUV that was and awesome experience in driving and comfort. Tata Sumo had the greatest safety with the car like ride. Tata Zest became my recent choice to use it daily for my office and home journey. It is the most exciting sedan car in Sri Lanka
  4. Tata Bolt is a new car which Tata Motors has launched this car in Sri lanka. It is designed with sharp sporty looks, classy interiors and revotoron engine with 1.2 torque. This makes new Tata Bolt a perfect sports car for the new generation.