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  1. Car price value history

    I too would like to see a chart of specific car values over time. This would prove to be a great website.
  2. 2017 Kia Forte S

    I agree with this. Another set of rims would make it look great.
  3. Motorcycle Racing

    Does anyone get into motorcycle racing? A friend of mine is looking at getting a bike and I have been watching some of the shows on TV lately. Some of the 2018 Honda bikes here are pretty awesome - Do you know anywhere where I can discuss motorcycles or motorcycle racing?
  4. Charger r/t or Cadillac CTS V

    Here is some pricing information I found on the Charger R/T - You can definitely find one on Craigslist for about half the price of a newer one, but, be aware of the "lack of maintenance" from those selling on Craigslist.
  5. The Evolution of the Modern Truck - Infographic

    The graphic has disappeared. Can you please share it again?
  6. Teen First Car Advice

    You will find this article very useful -
  7. Need a new vehicle no clue what to choose

    I would go with the Honda since they do last longer. If you aren't taking super long trips every week for work, the gas mileage shouldn't be an issue. Here is a link to a seller I know has great deals on hondas
  8. Kids car or baby stroller

    What I have seen people do in the past is attach a clip on battery-powered fan to the side of a baby stroller to keep their child cool.
  9. Best Laptops?

    I too would like to know the answer to this. I assume Apple is good? I'm not sure.
  10. I recently saw an SUV that was "wrapped" with a business logo and pictures from a business. You can see it here if you click over on the Instagram photos (it is the third one) - I think this vehicle is a Denali, Yukon or Suburban, but I am not certain. That really doesn't matter. What does matter is figuring out how much it costs to have something like this done for a local business that wants to advertise. I know it is very cheap to get some magnetic signs for the side of a car, truck or SUV but it would look much better if it were professional done. I like how they even have the at the bottom of the vehicle. I am, by no means, a marketing genius, but the fact that this caught my eye while in the Raleigh area tells me that it is catching the eyes of other people as well. I digress, how much does something like this cost?
  11. That is awesome! What a fantastic looking vehicle.
  12. I would assume that you are looking for something with relatively good gas mileage since you are doing Uber?
  13. The Zora C8 Corvette

    Very interesting. I will try to continue to research this possibility.
  14. The Evolution of the Modern Truck - Infographic

    This is a fantastic graphic. Absolutely love it!
  15. So one of my friends is thinking about getting a brand new Chevy truck. He told me he is likely going to have to pay about $800 a month for a $50,000 truck, which is crazy to me. I started to look around and it seems that trucks are quickly approaching $75k. I also found a few ways to save including waiting until holidays like Black Friday. Here is an interesting dealership that offers a coupon with the sale - I haven't found a ton of local dealerships advertising Black Friday 2017 sales quite yet, but I am seeing a few TV commercials. Have you purchased a car or truck on Black Friday? Did you save money?