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  1. This is so interesting. Would this device be able to be removed at any point if you wanted to go back to relying on gas fuel? For example for a long trip that you didn't know where you could find a charging station?
  2. Best About Toyota Rav4

    My daughter's first car was a RAV4. She liked it for the body style and size, having enough space but not too big. I always loved it for the safety features . We owned one for five years and never had any repairs except regular maintenance.
  3. Hey guys! I am in a pickle car shopping and need some advice. I'm trying to choose between this Chevy Tahoe and this Acura RDX. I think the Tahoe is more practical. It will be able to haul anything and everything I need for my family, but I have always driven a Acura MDX and love it. So I am having a tough time deciding. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these that they would like to share. Thank you in advance!
  4. This corvette is nice!

    Wow. the color is fantastic.
  5. I'm a single mom of three looking for a reliable Chevy. Any recommendations as to good models for someone like me? Big enough to haul around the kids, safe and reliable.
  6. What car should I buy? Help

    I purchased a Nissan GTR and love mine. I haven't had it too long but thus far its been extremely reliable and drives really nicely.
  7. Need help deciding what to get

    I have an Acura MDX and love it!
  8. The Best Car

    Right! Great cars but so expensive.
  9. Car Affordable papers

    This isn't about cars?
  10. Supercar show

    So cool! Maybe I'll go.
  11. The Best Car

    I think the best car by a landslide is the Ford Fiesta. I absolutely love it.
  12. I had one of these and always had the same issues. I just recently purchased a Ford Fiesta and cannot brag enough. No issues at all and will be purchasing these for myself and my family in the future.