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  1. Do headlights fade?

    oh yeah! that's so very nice! Do you want to visit my web:
  2. Thanks to admin <3 QUALITY IS NUMBER 1 - STUDENT ASSISTANCE 24/7 - SCHEDULES, RESULTS OF DECISION MAKER! VietCar organizes driving classes B, C each week, learners driving in the center with up to 1,000 trainees per month. For each course, students will be arranged according to the learning process and study time arranged according to students' wishes. Driving instructors are enthusiastic, fun, ... teaching the latest method. Students learn to drive cars at in many occupations: office workers, real estate brokers, taxi staff, forwarders, directors, managers, drivers, demobilized soldiers ... The driving environment is young and dynamic. Facilities: VietCar Center has 8000m2 training ground in Le Lai - Ha Dong, training ground is planned ISO 9001: 2008, is considered the best training ground, the best in Hanoi. With the desire to bring the best knowledge to students, the center builds 2 theoretical classrooms and 3 branches in Hanoi. In addition, the center has links with 10 training camps around the Hanoi area for learners to learn to drive a car near their home. website: THank you <3