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  1. The 2017 Hyundai Elite i20 will have more features. Also, it will get some visual updates that will spruce up its interior as well as exterior. Price starts at Rs. 5.36 lakh. Here is the Photo Gallery for Hyundai Elite i20.
  2. Maruti Cars are best for the low income earners. Its require low maintenance and can be repaired easily, that's why it is loved by many. Chevrolet cars are also good. Here is the list of Upcoming Chevrolet Cars in India
  3. If you are searching some good cars then you may go for Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Maruti and more. These brands are known for their best car models. These brands are also launching some new cars. Upcoming Toyota Cars
  4. Toyota Camry was officially revealed at the Detroit motor show. So, now it is confirmed that eighth generation Camry will be built in Japan after the closure of the company’s Altona, Victoria manufacturing facility in the fourth quarter of 2017. First Look Of 2018 Toyota Camry
  5. There are so many cars which have a longer life and very low maintenance. Toyota cars are known for the power and pic up. These cars are stronger and long lasting. Upcoming Toyota Cars
  6. Yes this model is the best in that price range and specifications. I have drive this car and the driving experience was unbelievable. I would love to drive this car again. Trending Car
  7. The American automaker, Ford has revealed the updated 2018 model year of its iconic pony car – Mustang. The 2018 Ford Mustang receives significant design updates with a range of advanced connectivity and safety features. Though, the major change comes in the form of new engine lineup and gearbox. Trending Car
  8. SUV-ish Kwid Climber has finally launched. In terms of looks the Kwid is already very crossover like. The visual upgrades made in the Climber variant will only improve that look. This car is best as per your need. Renault Kwid Climber Launched
  9. You need to learn manual driving as all the cars are not automatic so, its necessary to learn manual driving. It needs regular practice and the most important thing is the judgement. Thanks, Trending Car Upcoming Hyundai Cars
  10. Everything is need to be changed at a certain time period and in similar way the headlights of the cars are also need to be changed when it get fade. This will improve the visibility and gives you the best vision. Also Read: Top Sedan Cars in India