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  1. You can find the best driving classes in Bangladesh @
  2. That is quite possible @MindPro. But till the electric cars hit the roads of Bangladesh, we can choose one of the best diesel cars. Tata Indigo eCS is the best fuel efficient cars with the best in class interiors. It gives the mileage of 19.6 kmpl. It is a very spacious car from inside and it has beautiful exteriors.
  3. Wow that is super amazing!!!
  4. Tata Motors is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company. It is the leader in commercial vehicles and among the top in passenger vehicles. For more than 5 decades Tata Motors is also selling its vehicles in the international market. Today they sell in more than 50 countries. It offers a wide range of passenger vehicles as compact sedan & hatchback cars. It's most popular innovative Tata Nano Automatic is popular and in great demand for its size, fuel efficiency and stylish looks. It is Tata's small car, which has won the hearts of millions with its performance. Tata offers not only passenger vehicles but also commercial vehicles all over the world. Many Asian countries demand the Tata Motors commercial vehicles for its heavy-duty performance and fuel efficiency.
  5. Aww this number of speed is like dream to me. If only I can afford to drive a speed like that.
  6. Well I am posting it in not so appropriate thread, but as all are discussing the car- which is not good-looking then, I would like to suggest all for a stylish family car. I am an owner of Tata Indigo eCS for past 3 years. I am very happy with the mileage I get from my car that is around 19 plus kmpl that make it the best fuel efficient car. Its engine capacity, which is 1405 cc that is different from many other diesel cars. The feature DUO float suspension makes the ride very comfortable. It is the best family car.
  7. I hope you have bought your car by now. But in case you are still finding a car for yourself then I would suggest buying the Tata Indigo eCS. It is one of the most popular cars in Dhaka. It is very comfortable from inside with spacious leg room and very stylish and sleek from outside. To add it is the best affordable fuel efficient car with a powerful engine that runs on diesel and gives the mileage of 20kmpl and on highway, it is 25 kmpl. Its engine musters up a torque measuring 135nm@2500rpm and maximum power of 70PS @ 4500rpm.
  8. Online Videos are mostly animated and not so real do not rely on online stuff. Also, It does not seem impossible. Ask a Car paint shop they will help u to know.
  9. Hi Grafty Guy. Please share your projects it will be an inspiration and also some great work to see
  10. I actually too wanted to know an answer for this mystery as it is really a question what to do if someone steals the keys. Thanks for sharing ideas.
  11. The ugliest car - Cherokee Jeep
  12. Post ads on local business directory and car parts selling website. This will make you popular in your area. As internet is needed for help by everyone which is a cheap and important tool for promotion of a new business
  13. Hey Congratulation on buying a new car! I wanted to thank u for sharing on best car brands in the earlier post. But these are expensive luxury cars. I am from Bangladesh and these cars are just a dream for me like for many. I own a beautiful hatchback car of Tata Motors, who manufacture their car here in my homeland and its price is very affordable. I have the automatic petrol engine Gen X Nano that became popular in 2010 and continues to be one of the best Tata cars.
  14. I agree with you. I am seeing a fan following now for TATA vehicles. I am from Bangladesh with a Sedan car. I wanted the best fuel efficient car which gives good mileage and is low on maintainance. And in performance and style Tata cars stand out. The price of the car is also very fair with good after sale services.
  15. Oh kay!!!! By any means can I get information for my friend in Dubai , who wants to know if travelling by car everyday is cheaper than taking the local travel services or bus and train services.