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  1. Who should get the final Toyota F1 Seat for 2002?

    I feel for McNish, but being a sportscar fan, I would like to see him in Sportscars again!
  2. McLaren F1 in ALMS event in Portland?

    Do you know if its a long tail or short? I dont think a F1 can race in GT2(GTS), due to rules. I know the ACO dosnt support old GT1 cars, running in GTS. As for yesterdays race, there was no GTP cars entered. Anyone remeamber the Sintura S99?
  3. McLaren F1 in ALMS event in Portland?

    Yea tobad the BMW isnt in this year! that was one of my favorite cars! Damn F1 project! :mad: Anyways "IF" a Mac F1-GTR did race, what team?
  4. McLaren F1 in ALMS event in Portland?

    I dont think so too! But it would be cool!
  5. Nope! Its a Saleen win Tobad Ascari or ROC didnt enter and win so they can get another shot at the big one
  6. R&S Mk. II Hunter.

    Might be a early R&S car that was never any good. What year is it? Was it from the Group C days?
  7. Fuckin Hell! ****!
  8. Wow! AMAZING cars for sale!

    WRONG!!! I found her first! Shes mine!
  9. Fuckin Hell! ****!

    Callaway calls it quits cause they lost there sponsor MCR. DAMNIT!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  10. Wow! AMAZING cars for sale!

    Dont buy my 911 GT1!!! anyways that car has been bought by Gunner, and raced in the Daytona 24. BTW, I also like the M3!
  11. predictions for Le Mans next year!

    Anyone want to make a guess on how good Caddilac will do?
  12. ummm... you act like a Supra fucker! You also act like you **** your mother and daddy! And are you to fuckin scared to say something right here?
  13. Ohhh... Hi **** face! ummm... another Supra fucker!
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