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  1. i like the one with all the black miatas driving like all arranged and mad cool
  2. but didn't the miata actually made mazda money?? the world's best selling sports car
  3. Corolla GT-S

    i mean like beck u are trying to get one right? i m just thinking like "doesn't it snow alot in canada?"
  4. they call it GM corvette in racing too
  5. Corolla GT-S

    but doesn't it snow alot up there? i don't think getting a FR is such a good idea up there
  6. actually i think is called the chrysler viper in racing since not every country has dodge
  7. Corolla GT-S

    i tried rallying w/ it in mad fun...even though is slow...there's more fun than driving the F1 IMO
  8. Maxim Magazine Best Cars Of 2002

    wait...isn't maxim about like sex and girls and "live-style" and stuff like that?
  9. What does TVR stand for?

    is pretty funny how is like a monster when u think of the word TVR...but then trevor is just...less intimidatin.........
  10. Corolla GT-S

    well the corolla gts is so good coz it is light 50/50 weight distribution is fairly quick
  11. well GT3 is not what i think is the most electirfying car i m just saying in the current "new porsches" my fav is the GT3...or GT3R whatever
  12. The Rally Lancer Debut @ San Remo

    i hope tommi wins...too bad he's switching to subie next season
  13. ESPRIT gets new rear! Look how hot!

    the esprit's new *** looks too ferrari-ish to me...i don't like it as much