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  1. So which is it based on what you've seen on the road, I'm just listing stuff based on what I see here in MN
  2. I'm talking about the very first generation of each of these cars, all available at roughly the same time. I left the Omni GLH out intentionally cause the turbo puts it too far ahead. But of the 3 which do you think is the best pocket rocket?
  3. 350z vs Vette

    Everyone left for greener pastures...
  4. Newbie here !!!!!!!

    You're from the United Arab Emirates? Isn't that one of the richest countries in the world? Or am I thinking of Dubai?
  5. Tom, the older VWs were cheap to fix. I've bought tons of stuff to fix up the Scirocco, and nothing cost more than 30 bucks, which IMO is pretty reasonable.
  6. And Blig, don't bother trying to give me a grammar lesson. You're not proving anything.
  7. The force applied to the ground by a tire decreases per square inch as the size of the contact patch increases. Here's a good example, my CRX and Civic were both the same chassis, same suspension, wheel base, ride height, CRX was about 80lbs lighter. The Civic had 185s, the CRX had 175s, both tires were in roughly the same condition, both generic no-name POS tires, and the CRX easily outhandled the Civic in the snow with better straightline traction.
  8. VW unveils another W12 concept

    No problem man. Just threw me off a little bit there.
  9. Blig, I swear man, me and Mik explained this to you. You live in TX, nobody should ever trust your opinion of what snow behaves like, I watch the news, I see what you Texans do when you get just a light coating of snow, Dallas just about shuts down man!
  10. New guy here, here's my car too.

    Please do, I'd love to hear it, even if Blig did scare this guy off like 2 weeks ago.
  11. VW unveils another W12 concept

    And what exactly is wrong with that?
  12. if there was...

    I completely forgot about HSV! Damn you GM, damn you to hell!
  13. if there was...

    Porsche 959, Porsche 993 GT2, Nissan Skyline GTR R34, Honda NSX Type R, BMW M1, Subaru Impreza 22B, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI, Mitsubishi FTO, Renault ClioSport V6, Opel Speedster, Lotus Elise, Caterham Fireblade, there's so damn many. Stupid crash and emissions standards... :mad:
  14. Turbocharged VR6 vs. S4???

    Buy the S4, you get turbos and more displacement. The VR6 is a good engine, but the S4 has so much more potential, it's in such a mild state of tune stock that big HP gains should be fairly easy.
  15. Which cars beat the Camaro SS

    Actually, out side the US an STi is quite cheap, not like a Camaro, but compared to comparable cars like the Lancer.
  16. New guy here, here's my car too.

    Well, if you had enough know-how to get a Escort into the 12s, which IMO would take someone damn good with cars to do, you would have enough know-how to come up with a half decent guess at weight. Again I'm not trying to trash the guy, cause if he did get the car to 900 lbs and/or 12 seconds, he knows his **** and more power to him.
  17. New guy here, here's my car too.

    Well, you kind of killed your credibility when you claimed your car weighed 900 lbs........
  18. New guy here, here's my car too.

    I would say 1200-1300 hundred would be a little more realistic.
  19. New guy here, here's my car too.

    This is the only place I could find any Escort weight info. This car is a 5 door like yours, and given European crash standards probably has lighter bumpers. So 1080 kg * 2.2 (which to the best of my knowledge is the conversion factor) = 2376 lbs. And you say your car weighed 900 lbs? Ok, 2376 - 900 = 1476 lbs. How did you manage to strip 1400 pounds from a car that only weighed 2300 pounds to begin with? Again, not trying to call you a liar, but I would like to know how you managed to do this.
  20. New guy here, here's my car too.

    Actually that's lighter than a Caterham. And your car has 12" subs? I'm not trying to call you a liar, but please explain this to me.
  21. New guy here, here's my car too.

    umm... 900 lbs? That's like Caterham an Escort. Man, I just don't see how.
  22. New guy here, here's my car too.

    Just how much does it weigh?
  23. New guy here, here's my car too.

    I don't doubt it, but he must be running some pretty high boost. Without some major bottom end work I would seriously question the durability of the engine.
  24. New guy here, here's my car too.

    What kind of boost you running on the supercharger? I wouldn't trust the bottom end on those engines.
  25. Crx

    I love CRXs man. I miss mine so much. I should sell the Caddy and buy another.