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  1. Need a new vehicle no clue what to choose

    What part of "don't want to spend over $7000" did you miss? Or being good quality and cheap on gas?
  2. Teen First Car Advice

    Non of those classics will be cheap or good for a teenager just learning to drive.
  3. Porsche 944 na or Lotus 7

    944s, as all good Porsches, handle great. But the Lotus 7 is in another league entirely. You sit so low and exposed that even slow speeds feel like F1 speeds and the cornering forces in such a light car are tremendous. If you have the chance to get one instead of the 944, do it. You will not be disappointed.
  4. Stay away from the Chrysler. Bad period for them and not very reliable. Of the two, the Blazer is the better bet, though it has it's own set of issues, too. Normally in your situation I'd recommend Japanese makes, as they tend to be the most reliable, but Mazdas have rust issues, Nissans can be finicky, and Hondas and Toyotas cost too much (though they tend to be worth it in the long run). I'd suggest finding the best condition Accord you can for your budget. You didn't say where you are located, but I'm sure that some can be had in that price range nearby.
  5. First Cars?

    Hahaha. You suggest a NEW SUV for a high school student who's looking for a cheap USED car as a first car? I suggest an E39 BMW 5 series (1998-2003) with enough cash on hand for repairs. Fun to drive, room for 5, stylish, and CHEAP (you can pick up a nice on for about $5-6k and have a lot of money left over to maintain it). Cheap on insurance and if you get the 6 cyl version, fairly cheap on gas, too. Bonus, it has a huge internet forum following so that you can learn to DIY anything that goes wrong. But the 6 cyl ones should be fairly reliable.
  6. i need help identifying this car

    Looks like an old Datsun logo off a Datsun 1200 from the early '70s: from a Datsun 1200 pickup:
  7. So why are so many anime characters blond haired with blue eyes and very western looking if they are supposedly all Asian? I think you really need to quit looking for something to be offended by as no one is being racist towards you, just dressing up like their favorite characters.
  8. Nothing more expensive than a cheap European luxury vehicle. so stay away from the Mercedes. Those are 17 years old at this point and will need a lot of work to keep them up. And the VW with 100k miles will need as much. As you can see, the Japanese cars in this price range will have more miles, as people value them more, but with high miles comes it's own set of issues, even with Japanese cars.
  9. Most all of that is polishing residue from the dealership doing a quick detail and running the orbital polisher over the car. No, no one tapes off the door jambs so you get that stuff in there and rarely does anyone tape off the headlights, but usually they are more careful. Dust and water comes in from anywhere and yes, you can get water on top of the battery from under the car.
  10. What Type of Rolls Royce is this?

    it's a Phantom coupe, not the convertible:
  11. I Need a Low Tech Modern Vehicle

    Sorry, unless you live in a third world country or say, India, you're not going to find a new(er) car without the high tech engine and transmission controls as they are necessary to get the most fuel efficiency and pollution reduction as is now required by law in most countries. And no, you can't remove them as they are not just well integrated into the car, they are often necessary just to get things to work (and if you do find a way to get rid of them, the engines and transmissions will usually work WORSE). And often, they are legally required so that if you try to disconnect or work around them, they won't pass inspection anywhere. BTW, throttle cables can stretch, stick, and break just as easily as drive by wire can fail. IN fact, it was more common for cables to break than it is for modern computers to fail.
  12. Latest toy, '01 BMW 740i Sport

    2 1/2 years later I still have it, it's still my daily driver, and it's cost me almost nothing in maintenance and repairs. here it is with the Alpina airdam installed... And, to go along with it, I recently bought a BMW 330ci ZHP convertible for a weekend fun car:
  13. 1985 BMW 318i

    The BMW 2.5 liter inline 6 will fit, as that chassis came with that engine from the factory. I've seen the M3 engine dropped into there as well, and a couple companies make V8 conversion kits, for the mechanically inclined. Not for the faint of hear, though, as it's a complex conversion to make it work properly.
  14. Identifying Multiple Outside Hood Panels

    it would be helpful to see the actual hoods in question rather than just the stickers. The two Ford ones you posted are pickups, 2011 and 2008 model years. But without seeing the outsides of the hoods to get the shape, identifying the GM and Chrysler ones will be impossible.
  15. Intro

    Hi Amelie. I'm also from Maryland and hope you aren't spamming the forums with your dealership advertising...