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  1. I Need a Low Tech Modern Vehicle

    Sorry, unless you live in a third world country or say, India, you're not going to find a new(er) car without the high tech engine and transmission controls as they are necessary to get the most fuel efficiency and pollution reduction as is now required by law in most countries. And no, you can't remove them as they are not just well integrated into the car, they are often necessary just to get things to work (and if you do find a way to get rid of them, the engines and transmissions will usually work WORSE). And often, they are legally required so that if you try to disconnect or work around them, they won't pass inspection anywhere. BTW, throttle cables can stretch, stick, and break just as easily as drive by wire can fail. IN fact, it was more common for cables to break than it is for modern computers to fail.
  2. Latest toy, '01 BMW 740i Sport

    2 1/2 years later I still have it, it's still my daily driver, and it's cost me almost nothing in maintenance and repairs. here it is with the Alpina airdam installed... And, to go along with it, I recently bought a BMW 330ci ZHP convertible for a weekend fun car:
  3. 1985 BMW 318i

    The BMW 2.5 liter inline 6 will fit, as that chassis came with that engine from the factory. I've seen the M3 engine dropped into there as well, and a couple companies make V8 conversion kits, for the mechanically inclined. Not for the faint of hear, though, as it's a complex conversion to make it work properly.
  4. Identifying Multiple Outside Hood Panels

    it would be helpful to see the actual hoods in question rather than just the stickers. The two Ford ones you posted are pickups, 2011 and 2008 model years. But without seeing the outsides of the hoods to get the shape, identifying the GM and Chrysler ones will be impossible.
  5. Intro

    Hi Amelie. I'm also from Maryland and hope you aren't spamming the forums with your dealership advertising...
  6. Engine for my kit car?

    To be honest, if yore using an old VW bug chassis, just use the air cooled VW engine. You can build them up to 2 liters and can make them VERY quick. Grab a copy of Hot VWs magazine or something similar and check out what you can do.
  7. Interview questions for people who Mod cars

    Answers in bold.
  8. Best bet is to use the Chevy 4.3 liter V6. there are factory parts to put it in your S-10 chassis, and it's essentially a 350 V8 with 2 cylinders lopped off. There are a lot of hop up parts for it, as well.
  9. What car logo is this?

    Not really worth anything. If it were undamaged and clean it MIGHT be worth something to someone restoring one, but the cars are mostly gone now so finding an interested buyer would be quite hard.
  10. What kind of car is this?

    it's a Zimmer Golden Spirit, based on a mustang body, over accustom chassis. Quite ugly cars, part of a category called Neo-Classics. Here's another. You can see the Mustang doors and windshield:
  11. What car logo is this?

    Yup, that's it. I had one of those, a '73:
  12. What is it?

    Nissan NX1600 or NX2000, from about 1991 or so.
  13. if you think that a composite, monoleaf, transverse leaf that is also a suspension arm AND has a lower CG and less unsprung mass is "just a leaf spring" like it's some sort of old truck, you're sadly mistaken. That spring is extremely high tech. Way more high tech than any coil spring.
  14. AUX for W210 and E39

    While the FM transmitter is easy, you run into issues with FM stations stomping the signal when on longer drives where the stations change. I used the GROM AUX/USB adapter for my E38 and they have one for the E39 as well (also a unit that adds BlueTooth connectivity to them). Just look up GROM Audio for info.
  15. Good to see you again, Shaman! Nice choice in cars, too!