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  4. Airbag Light On

    Hello! I have a 2007 Chevy Express that has the airbag light on. This is an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP, but I just need the light to turn off. I have tried to clear the codes using a scanner, but the light didn't go off. Any advice? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am trying to find out if there is any software that exists that lets you test various parts, body kits, paint jobs and the like on cars so you can see what it would look like before you commit to the work. I know this is a very poor description of what I am looking for but I can't think of any other descriptors. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide.
  6. Which small car for my daugther (1st car) ?

    Hello, If you are considering buying the first car for your daughter than the car should be smooth to drive, fuel-efficient and most importantly a car with automated transmission will be more reliable. Tata Gen-X Nano Automatik is the best Tata small car that suits your search for the best small car. It features - Automated Manual Transmission Sports Mode for enhanced acceleration Creep feature for parking ease and bumper-to-bumper traffic maneuverability Smallest turning radius of 4m for easy maneuverability Large 24L fuel tank for longer driving range Remarkable zippy drive through advanced ECU developed with BoschTM, Germany A1 Class/Segment as defined by SIAM. ePAS (Electric Power-Assisted Steering) with speed sensitivity and active return function Mileage of 21.9 km/I* Shift Assist manual mode for convenience of changing gears as per driver requirement
  7. Hello From Charlotte, NC

    Hello Friends, I am new here. Thanks in advance. Anthony

    HELLO, Happy to sign up for this interesting car forum...
  9. Probably most of the owners of cars with installed navigation system want to have the latest navigation maps in their cars. Some of them want even change maps from preinstalled region to an actual where they really are. I would like to discuss here about any problems, difficulties, questions or general information about Mercedes Benz and Porsche navigation. THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR ADVERTISING COMPANIES OR SERVICES! Read The Rules first and follow them please. Any kind of advertisement here will be subject of complaint.
  10. Intro

    Hi all! I'm open for discussions about navigation systems and technical problems with navigation of luxury cars, mostly Mercedes Benz and Porsche. My name is Max, I'm glad to be a member of this community!
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  12. So I had a 2012 eclipse se in perfect condition, and a lady pulled out in front of me and totaled it. So now I'm looking for a new car with my dad, since he knows quite a bit more than I do. I'm in high school and with the insurance money and mine, I have around $12000 as a budget. We've narrowed it down to either a manual (which I can drive no porblem) 2014 Veloster turbo, a 6 cylinder automatic 2014 Mustang, a 2011 eclipse gt, or there's a possibility of a 2014 scion fr-s. I was wondering which would be the best in regards to driving, reliability, and overall bang for you're buck. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated, or if you have any suggestions that aren't on the list.
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  14. hi is it possible to get a car insurance without owning car.? i wnant to use this insuranec whenver i rent a vechile from rental companies like enterprise since the insurance from them is costly. pls advise.
  15. So I have had a problem with my fiances car. It's a 2010 mercury mariner with a 2.5L 4cyl motor. It is misfiring. So obviously I started with plugs. I pull my plugs and find one with fresh oil on the threaded part. Thinking maybe it leaked down from tube seals. I went ahead and replace all four plugs along with valve cover gasket and tube seals. Cleared codes and it's still misfiring. It idles decently in neutral and park but when I put it in gear it drops. I guess I'm curious whats next? I'm kinda scared to see if that oil was coming from below my plugs. I looked and pistons seem to be dirty. It came off when I rubbed screw driver on it. Maybe the oil on plug made my coil take a dump? Maybe it's more serious? Anyone have any ideas?
  16. Charger r/t or Cadillac CTS V

    Here is some pricing information I found on the Charger R/T - You can definitely find one on Craigslist for about half the price of a newer one, but, be aware of the "lack of maintenance" from those selling on Craigslist.
  17. The Evolution of the Modern Truck - Infographic

    The graphic has disappeared. Can you please share it again?
  18. Teen First Car Advice

    You will find this article very useful -
  19. Cutlass big block

    Let me know what you think of my 87 cutlass no exhaust here the link to the video and let me know what you think I did everything
  20. Cutlass big block

    I have a cutlass with a 454 and I have a video of the car with no exhaust
  21. The new BMW M5 : first look

    BMW M5 is the best car if you need perfromance and torque. Its also look beautiful and elegant.
  22. BMW X2 new model

    Its best if you don't have enough garage in your house. And you like SUV's then BMW X2 is best for you.
  23. The problem is heater because during winters when you park your car for whole night then in the morning it doesn't start if your battery is weak so change your battery and heaters.
  24. Brake Pads - OEM or Aftermarket ?

    All the things are ok but I would to like to say that when you buy brake pads please make sure they should not be second hand
  25. C series mercedes

    Mercedes C Class is the best option fir you. You can easily buy with low budget. Its also best for almost every terrain.
  26. DB11 is quite different from its predecessors. But it shape is good than any other Aston Martin. The most beautiful Aston Martin is ONE-77. It is the best car I have ever seen.
  27. The only problem that I'm seeing in your car is the only problem of engine. If you just swap the engine then it will be alright. Your father is right but you have to follow your dreams.
  28. All new Audi Q8 and spyshots

    Audi Q7 is the best SUV in the world. It's engine ,performance,style and interior is so much good. I love it
  29. Lamborghini Huracan Trailer in Style

    I love Lamborghini Huracan and it is so much better than Aventador because it is cheap than Aventador. And also it is easy to maintain.
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