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  2. I think SUV are better than Van. Suv's are more powerful than van they are better in terms of performance and are fuel efficient. I own a Tata (SUV) car and I can say it is much better than a van. I would suggest you go for an SUV, you can check out cars from Tata Motors, Ford, Honda or Suzuki
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  5. Profesional dpf and egr remover 3.0.For more information pls PM
  6. I bought a used Dodge Challenger - 2012 (SXT) at a pretty knocked down price and driven around 80,000 Km's Now since the price is low obviously it has its flaws set which I found out when I took it to a local garage: > Has a missing oil gauge (Transmission Fluid Area) > Catalytic Converter / Exhaust Sensor has been tampered with (To apparently make it louder I believe) > Battery (I already replaced with a brand new one) Now I want to know is it wise to take it to an agency or to just about any garage who can replace the parts if need be with used ones (Genuine)? What other precautionary measures should I take? Another think I noticed is that the traction control & ABS system malfunction lights are on (What would this exactly indicate? Help is much appreciated!
  7. Lexus ES 350 and Dodge Challenger are the best option for you. Both cars are popular muscles cars and have low maintenance cost.
  8. Nice post. Thanks for sharing this great video.
  9. Kia Optima Hyundai Genesis Chevrolet Impala Nissan Altima or Nissan GTR if your rich af
  10. The fuel pump might have went. Try knocking on the tank and seeing it will start up
  11. The ticking gets louder when i accelerate faster, possible exhaust leak?
  12. I was in line at the bank an my truck died but didn't make the click click noise so I didn't think it was the battery but I gave it a jump didn't work so I put gas cuz I was gonna need gas soon. Didn't work. It turned on for about 20 seconds. Went home took off this hose and added gas directly too engine started up for alil
  13. Both are great brands but my first choice is Chevrolet Camaro. This car has a stylish design.
  14. I'm a tall person who loves to drive. Though SUV's are best suited for me, the parking space constraint in my building prevents me from buying the same. Is there any Sedan available in the market which is suitable for my tall boy frame?
  15. Does anyone have any idea bout the features of the latest Toyota Camry?
  16. How is the new Toyota corolla different from it's previous model?
  17. I'm keen on purchasing the Toyota GT 86 . Can anyone please tell me the price for both manual as well as automatic transmission?
  18. 2017 Genesis G90 is a safety award winning luxury Sedan and created in a perfect balance with stylish design. Some of its best safety features are: Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake Force Distribution. Electronic Parking Brake with Automatic Vehicle hold. Pre-Collision Warning. Multi-View Camera. 9 Airbags. Head-up Display.
  19. What's the difference between Audi A3 S line and Audi S3? and if you want to select a car from these two then which one is your choice?
  20. As we all know, car accidents are becoming a nuisance these days. Is there any car in the market with breaking systems that might come handy, in case of a mishap?
  21. What are the exterior dimension specifications of Toyota Aurion Grande?
  22. I'm living in the KSA region and am keen on purchasing a Toyota Camry. Is there any place online where I can search for my nearby Toyota dealer?
  23. For me, safety features of a car take priority. Can anyone suggest a vehicle which provides full safety features to me and my family, along with style and comfort?
  24. It's 2017 and I'm planning to buy a car which is perfect to me and my family. Being a Toyota fan, I'd request if anyone can tell me the latest range of passenger cars that they have launched recently.
  25. Can anyone tell me the base price and features of Toyota fortuner 2016?
  26. Can anyone please suggest the best Toyota dealers, with outlets spread across the entire Saudi Arabia?
  27. Metal chips is a bad sign. Your instincts are right that there is something wrong and you are on the right track. That pulley is in fact a magnetic clutch that grabs the compressor shaft using that belt to spin the compressor thus cool air. But it not all that simple. Now assuming the air is not cold My guess is the clutch had blown out from the way you disctibe it. im not sure on your specific application but on some models you can change the compressor clutch while it's (compressor) on the car. Now before deciding to take that route you must first distinguish if the compressor is good. You can take the belt of and try to spin the inner part of the pulley to see if it's compressing. In my opinion if your compressor is buried in the engine compartment you might as well change it. If you do not have the money to fix it you can take the ac belt off. BUT that's under the assumption that the belt is solely for the ac (no other accessories use that belt) i.e. Power steering pump, alternator, water pump. I uploaded a picture of your specific compressor to give u and idea of what the clutch pulley should look like. Good luck! Keep us updated.
  28. Howdy, y'all. I have a question due to my ignorance, this just happens to one of many areas. My question is this, I have a 98 Buick LeSabre, its serpentine belt runs to the A/C compressor, which has a pulley and "clutch" (if this is incorrect my apologies, taking from what other websites have called it). My issue is this, the A/C pulley is grinding and throwing off metal chips, when the A/C is turned on there is a loud, distinct grinding noise. When I removed the serpentine belt, and took a closer look at the A/C pulley, i noticed i could move the actual pulley, and a thin metal ring (maybe .25 to .5 inch in thickness) back in forth in between the clutch plates. This metal ring because of being able to move back and forth was showing signs of damage as the edges were grinding off. I have no idea if this is how these are supposed to be or not, that is if these pulleys are supposed to have room to move back and forth? I don't know anything about this setup, and I'm asking for your help with this matter. My questions are: Should this pulley assembly coming off A/C compressor be tightened so that the pulley & metal ring can not move back and forth or wobble? How to fix this issue? Could this require buying a new bearing for the pulley? Or just tighten the clutch plate? Or do I need to buy a whole new assembly? I appreciate any feedback, thanks and have a good day!
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