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  2. Hey guys, first time posting. I am starting to enter the market and are looking at these two cars. I have driven both, and the Ford feels a little better, but reading up, it seems like the focus has transmutation problems. The mazda constantly felt like it was stumbling over itself and from a rolling start, it took a good onw and a half seconds atleast for the transmittion to catch up. Is this normal, or just a quirk of the particular car. The Ford had a little jerkyness at low speed, but seemed fine at higher speeds. Anyone here have either of these cars, please leave your experiences.
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  4. So i have a 1996 mitsubishi eclipse. This is most likely a wiring issue, but i need to know what is wrong. My windshield wipers and speedometer both don't work (most of the time). Although sometimes when im driving, the windshield wipers will start to work, and sometimes the speedometer will, then after i turn the car off, it doesn't work again. What could be the issue?
  5. Hello, I was wondering what are these plug ins in my car used for?
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  10. Possibly a Scion iM?
  11. Alright, so I'm new to the forum and need help identifying a car I saw the other day. It was a hatchback or coupe, and had badging that looked like 3 spikes protruding at different angles inside an oval. Here is a picture I got of it (sorry for the poor quality, it was raining out). Thanks, TheBlooPenguin
  12. Hello everyone, So right off the bat, I know extremely little about cars and thus repairs. Whenever I have car troubles, I usually take it to a friend and they figure out the problem and fix it, but it appears I've come across a bigger problem than they can handle. Due to this, my terminology and descriptions are going to be very basic/generic so please bare with me. Context: I have a 2008 Kia Spectra, that I bought with 88,000 miles on it 3 years ago. Now it has 118,000 miles. The only modifications/repairs I have done to the car was a regular oil change, radiator change (very recently), battery, belt change, tire change, and brake pad change (I do not know if the person who owned the car prior has done anything on it, but considering the shape of the car when I bought it, it doesn't appear so). I also changed the timing belt about a year ago, which also changed the cooling system as well. Now the only issues I have to this day is my ac will after about a year lose its ability to cool, which happened shortly after my timing belt+cooling system change. I can fix it by just adding the compressed air/coolent thing into my car, and that will keep it cool for about a year. I suspect the guy who did my timing belt (different from my usual friend) may have I don't know, screwed something up and now I probably have a tiny leak. Otherwise, car has never had any other issues or repairs. Well actually, there was one issue that happened once 2 years ago. I was driving in a parking lot one day, and the car randomly stopped accelerating. I would press my foot on the gas and nothing would happen. No rpm shift, no acceleration nothing. Then, it fixed itself, and I never had that issue again. Don't know what it was or what happened. Story: So this problem occurred around 2 weeks ago. I was randomly driving in the high way, probably somewhere around 60-70 miles an hour, and as the car was slowing down (no brakes, just gradually), it jerked (best described like a hiccup) randomly. RPM meter shot through the roof then went down, but speed didn't change much. I went off the highway because I was a little shaken at what just happened, and stopped the car and looked in the hood. Gears changed fine, I reved a couple a times in park, everything seemed fine. So I decided to continue driving, sticking to the streets in case it happened again. First thing I noticed is the car accelerated a little funny. Normally when I accelerate my car jumps, this time it took a little while to jump, and the RPM shot up much higher than usual and it was a little slow changing gear (it went up 3.5 rpm when I gradually went from 20-40mph before changing gears, normally it changes gears at around 2 or 2.5 at the most). Then the car jerked again, this time at speeds around 45mph. No check engine light went up, same issues as before. I decided nothing I can do, i was close to home so i'll try and get there as slow as possible and assess the situation. I get home, call my mechanic friend and set up a schedule. I turn the car on the next day, and its fine, no problems, drives smooth. Get to my mechanic friend, he says nothing appears wrong, and no check engine lights are on, so maybe just random occurence? Car drives fine for about 2 days. I decide stupidly, it's fine, and drive approximately 60 miles to a science center. Car jerks about 4 times on my way home from speeds ranging anywhere from 40 to 80mph. Again, acceleration is weird afterwards, but is fixed with the car turning off and on. This time, check engine light does turn on, and my mechanic friend says I need to see a transmission guy because this is beyond him. So I go to a transmission guy, and he checks the error signals given off, and very briefly shows them to me (wish I had taken a picture). I remember there were 2 errors: 1) something about the car transmission not working properly, but I don't remember the details very well. 2) I remember this very well, the car has issues changing into 4th gear (it explicitly stated 4th gear on the error description). Transmission guy says, I can get you a new transmission for this price, but doesn't really say what the problem is, just says he can get me a new transmission. Definitely don't have the money for a new transmission, so I go home. Family friend says it might be a transmission fluid problem and brings with him some type of cleaning trans fluid solution (some solution half yellow half red, supposed to clean up the gears or something). Pours the whole thing in. Car actually runs incredibly smooth, like smoother than I can remember it running in the past year. No jerks, smooth turns, no sounds either (my car sounds like a ship sometimes and makes rackety sounds, and it ran almost silently the whole time). And I thought, yay problem solved. 3 days past, smoothness is gone. Car makes sounds again, and starts jerking again, this time at speeds around 20-30mph. Potential Problems and Solutions: Now if I do need a new transmission, then I will just have to sell the car. I do not have any budget for repairs 300 dollars. Nor do I have any budget higher than 1000 dollars for any other car I would buy to replace this. I'm a student transitioning from a bachelor to a graduate program so I have to save up as much as I can. However there are a couple things I've thought of trying from google searching people with similar issues. 1) There appears to be a filter gasoline goes through before it reaches wherever it reaches for combustion. Now i have a very bad habit of letting my car literally run on Empty for miles on end without refueling. I know over time this accumalates muck and gets the filter and everything all clogged and damage. Do you guys think this might be a problem and replacing it will fix the issue? I think the repairs for this are around 200 or so dollars so I can afford it. 2) It appears after 100k miles, cars need a tune up. I think this entails you have to completely replace the transmission fluid (drain it dry, and fill it back up) at a mechanic shop. I'm going to assume the people before me have never done this, and I personally have never done it either. Do you guys think this might be the problem and completely replacing the transmission fluid will fix it? I mean, adding some of that cleaning transmission fluid seemed to fix all of my cars problems for about 3 days. Newer Problems that may be unrelated: So recently the car has been having some issues starting. It will start, but it has a delay (I have to basically turn the key 2 or 3x instead of once). It's acceleration is feeling a bit weaker lately (although I haven't been accelerating much because of the fear of it jerking again), and going from R to D and back feels a lot more jerky and rigid than usual. I can't comment much on the sound, my cars always sounded like crap to me, but everyone always says its fine so I don't know. Anyways any help will really be appreciated. I can do some small simple repairs like replacing the transmission fluid or changing the gas filter thing, but I can't afford to change the entire transmission itself (costs almost as much as I would get for selling the car anyways). If you guys think I have no other options, and it really is the transmission, then I will have to sell the car and bus it basically. I just wanted to get a second opinion. The transmission guy I took it to, I don't really know him, and my mechanic friend doesn't do transmissions. I should mention, the check engine light doesn't turn on all the time at every jerk, and hasn't yet since a week ago. The fact that its now jerking at lower speeds and is having problems turning on makes me concerned whatever problem I'm having is getting worse and soon the car won't even turn on anymore, and I won't even be able to sell it to a dealership. Thank you all ahead of time!
  13. I have a 2013 mustang 5.0 v8 and I want to put different cam in it. I don't know a lot about engines so I don't know which cam to get and what else I will need to go along with it... should I just go to my local mechanic and tell him to get a different cam and all the other parts I will need?
  14. Hey Man, same thing is happening to me need help
  15. There are quite recently excessively numerous factors to remember in the event that you need to have the capacity to figure out how to race appropriately. The kind of racing circuit, the kind of vehicle you will be driving and many other factors come into play. If you are practising every day then you will be a perfect driver . Even my dream is to drive Top Fastest Car In The World and I’m dam sure I fulfil my dreams.
  16. Hi, I'm a student working on a project about automotive service/repair shops. I would like to get honest opinions about people's experiences about this. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone would like to participate. Here is the link to the survey, it should take no more than 15 minutes. Thank you very much! ...I'm I allowed to post survey's here?
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  18. Everyone has to start somewhere! The fact that you are taking the initiative to work on your own vehicle says a lot about your character. I am certain that there are plenty of people on here that will provide you with advice. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Robert
  19. Just browsing around asking questions every now and then, so you'll see me quite a few times. Have a good night
  20. I've been looking around for some old Fords like Ranger, F-100 Custom, F-150/250/350 etc. just browsing the different sites looking at Used & Somewhat new Ford Trucks. But I'm unsure of what kind of loan I were to get if I were to buy it from an individual or a car dealership. If I'm buying it from an individual would I get something like a signature loan so I could get the truck right away to make a deal? And a car dealership is just a regular car loan correct? Anyways just want to be sure. Any help appreciated, Thanks
  21. Yep had the same problem with my BMW. Went to a Garage in Brighton and they fixed it once and for all..
  22. Hello everyone, I recently bought a fiat 124 and it came with these wheels, I did some searching around and can't find anything relate to the wheel. Does anyone have any info about the rims such as pricing etc on them. The center appears to say McWheel International Motorsports.
  23. I own a bmw 1999 323i with about 200,000 miles, is it worth putting money into it?
  24. Hi, I live in Toronto, Ontario. I recently bought a home. I had a workshop setup in the garage of my last house. I used to spend a lot of time there, doing different kinds of stuff. Now that I have moved to the new house I don't have a space for this.Garage projects were one of the happiest parts of my day. So I am missing my garage real bad. Here I have enough ground for a garage. I am thinking about buying a pre fabricated steel building. As I was looking for a steel building company in Ontario, I found the one in the link. They are claiming to deliver the building with in 5 weeks. If anybody has experience with them please advise. Also is there any permits needed for a steel building?. If yes, what are the procedures for applying for the permit?. Any help on this would be appreciated. (I am specifically looking for one in Ontario since I read that transportation charges for these buildings are really high.)
  25. It was dented when my timing belt went. Will that small dent cause problems? Thanks!
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  27. I'm looking to put a 5.0 Coyote engine into a muscle car but I can't find the right one. I want it to be lightweight, small, and look good. I really like the cars with the grille design like the mach 1 mustangs, camaros, and chevelles.
  28. I purchased these two body panels or hood? from an estate sale and intend to re purpose them but I would like to find out what they from before I do.
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